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This article is about an older version of DF.

Buckets can be made out of wood by a carpenter at a carpenter's workshop, or of metal by a metalsmith at a forge. They are the only item that allows dwarves to take life-sustaining water to wounded or jailed dwarves, and for dwarves to fill designated ponds. Building a well, dyer's shop, or ashery consumes a bucket. Buckets are stored in a furniture stockpile.

If a bucket of water is dropped on the floor*, it will typically be hauled to a random food stockpile where it will be dumped out, creating a pile of "water [10]" on the floor which will be cleaned up by a nearby dwarf with the Cleaning labor enabled. This will not make the floor muddy.

(* This usually only happens accidentally, when a dwarf has their job interrupted mid-task. This is not the same as dumping water via a pond zone designation.)

Adding a decoration to a bucket can attach a handle to it, but is not necessary for the bucket to be functional.

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