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This article is about an older version of DF.

A swamp is a wetland area, flooded permanently or only periodically. Generally they have an abundance of foliage, including heavy, specialized tree-growth and a vast ecosystem. Compare with marshes.

Swamps in Dwarf Fortress[edit]

Swamps and marshes tend to form around oceanic coastlines, especially where rivers meet the ocean.

Swamps suffer much of the same problems as marshes. Generally the water table is too high, resulting in an aquifer at or near ground level. Carving out a fort becomes difficult and most rock will need to be imported in the form of blocks at embarkation or from the periodic traders that visit. Surface water is arguably slightly more common than in marsh biomes.

Saltwater marshes tend to lack drinkable water; it will be more difficult to survive.

Foliage Specifics[edit]

All swamps and marshes, whether fresh or salt water, contain willow, with the exception of mangrove swamps, which, not surprisingly, contain mangrove trees.