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This article is about an older version of DF.

Extracts is an entry in your z-menus 'stocks' section. This entry sums up an odd collection of items, some of which are derived from animals, some from plants.

Producing extracts[edit]

A variety of buildings allow you to produce extracts:

Butcher's shop[edit]

Main article: Butcher's shop

Certain vermin will yield extracts at the butcher's shop by using the extract from a dead animal task. Requires a living caged animal, a glass vial (metal flasks will not work), and a dwarf with the small animal dissection labor enabled.

Farmer's workshop[edit]

Main article: Farmer's workshop

With the appropriate caged animal and a milker, barrels and buckets you can produce milk at the farmer's workshop.

Golden salve can be created from valley herbs, requiring a vial and a dwarf with the plant processing labor enabled:

  • 1 Valley herb makes 5 units of Golden salve, worth 100 each

Dwarven syrup is can be created via "Process plants (barrel)"

  • 1 Sweet pod makes 5 Dwarven Syrup, worth 20 each


Main article: Still

Gnomeblight can be created from Kobold bulbs at a still via "Extract plant essence", requiring a vial and a dwarf with the Plant gathering labor enabled:

  • 1 Kobold bulb makes 5 units of Gnomeblight, worth 100 each


Main article: Fishery

With a living caged fish and a fish dissector, you can get extracts from our aquatic neighbors.

Import only[edit]

Currently, there are some extracts that cannot be produced on site and need to be imported.

These 3 can be used for cooking or turned into cheese:

  • Cow's milk
  • One-humped Camel's milk
  • Two-humped Camel's milk

Various types of venom can also be purchased, but currently have no use:

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