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Profession Scholar
Job Title Astronomer
  • Ponder
  • Discuss
  • Research
  • Memory
  • Unknown
This article is about the current version of DF.

Astronomer is a scholar skill. It is used by scholars when thinking about astronomical topics.

Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision
Empirical observation Methods of empirical observation in astronomy Empirical evidence Method
Path models Orbit modeling Method
Astrography The creation of star charts Star chart n/a
Dates of lunar and solar eclipses Saros (astronomy) n/a
Daylight variation with solar year The variation of daylight with the season Daytime § Daytime variations with latitude and seasons n/a
Geocentrism The theory that the sun moves around the world Geocentric model n/a
Height of tides vs moon and sun The height of the tides, the moon and the sun Pytheas § Pytheas on the tides and Tide n/a
Heliocentrism The theory that the world moves around the sun Heliocentric model n/a
Path of the moon The path of the moon Orbit of the Moon n/a
Phases of the moon The phases of the moon Lunar phase n/a
Precession of equinoxes Axial precession n/a
Relationship between lunar solar year The relationship between the lunar and solar year Lunisolar calendar n/a
Shape of the world Spherical Earth n/a
Star catalogues 100 Star catalogue n/a
Star catalogues 1000 Star catalogue n/a
Star magnitude classification Magnitude (astronomy) n/a
Stellar Spectroscopy The classification of stars based on the light they emit Astronomical spectroscopy n/a
Summer winter moon The rise of the moon according to the season Lunar calendar n/a
Summer winter sun The rise of the sun according to the season Solar calendar n/a
Tides and the moon The relationship between the moon and the tides Seleucus of Seleucia § Tides and Tide n/a

Also possibly these engineering topics:

Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision
Armillary sphere The construction and use of armillary spheres Armillary sphere Astronomy
Astrolabe The construction and use of the astrolabe Astrolabe Astronomy
Dioptra The construction and use of the dioptra Dioptra Astronomy
Mural instrument Mural instrument Astronomy
Orrery Orrery Astronomy
Spherical astrolabe Astrolabe Astronomy