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This article is about the current version of DF.

Metalsmith is a category profession. It contains skills relating to the smelting of metals and alloys and the crafting of various metal products. Confusingly, the 'metalsmith' skill is available for purchase prior to embarking. This skill actually correlates to Blacksmithing.

Metalsmiths are responsible for constructing architectural buildings designed with metal bars or metal blocks. These buildings include trade depots, bridges, furnaces, and wells, and their building quality and value are influenced by the metalsmith's blacksmithing skill.

An adult dwarf whose best skill is in this category, and who has accumulated ranks in other metalsmithing skills (exactly how much is not clear) will be known as a metalsmith.

Once he has achieved 'grand master' skill in one of these skills, but not in the others, he will be known by this skill.

If a dwarf has experience in only one metalsmithing skill, he or she will be known by his or her highest skill.

The metalsmithing skills are:

Dwarf.png Metalsmith

[edit] Bugs

  • Buildings which are built using material-dependent labors (e.g. a trade depot) may require "any metalsmithing skill," but will only check and raise Metalsmithing, not any other qualifying skill (e.g. weaponsmithing). Bug:4899

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