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Containers are used for storing various types of owned items. They are a common requirement for nobles and they are also good for increasing the value of a room. Each container holds a varying number of items. Dwarves may walk through tiles with containers.

If a dwarf does not own a container in his bedroom, he or she will leave any possessions on the floor.

Containers are also needed in a library to store writing materials such as quires.

Containers are named differently depending on what they are made of:

Name Material
Box Glass
Coffer Stone
Chest Wood, Metal
Bag Cloth, Leather

Bags are a special type of box. While they can be built as furniture, they are more commonly used by dwarves to store seeds, mill plants at a millstone or quern, or collect sand. Dwarves have a habit of filling bags with seeds whenever possible, so, typically, many of them need to be made if they are going to be used for other purposes.

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