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This article is about the current version of DF.
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Guilds are organizations established when 10 members of your fortress practice the same profession, or professions in the same category. Shortly after establishment, the guild will petition for the construction of a guildhall, where its members will socialize and hold skill demonstrations, slowly training them as if they were a military squad under training orders. The name of a guild and its associated guildhall will reflect the profession of the guild. For example "The Guild of Oiling", a Metalsmith guild with a guildhall named "The Cave of Copper".

Guildhalls work similarly to barracks and taverns, by providing skill training and some degree of socialization. A guildhall requires 2000☼ (by default) and Grand Guildhall at 10000☼ zone wealth to be considered established. If a guildhall petition has been accepted but has not been built after one year, the agreement to establish a guildhall will be abandoned.[Verify] There's nothing preventing a second guildhall being defined as a second zone occupying the same area, though dwarves who can participate in both guildhalls will exclusively use the first placed location on their tile.

While a guild is unestablished, it can still hold public skill demonstrations for idlers.

Typically, a guild for a general profession category, such as fisherdwarves, farmers, or metalsmiths will be founded first, though if enough dwarves of a specific profession such as furnace operator or weaponsmith are in a fortress, a guild for that specific profession will be founded as well as the more general guild. Dwarves with a profession with its own guild and one for the more general category will be members of both guilds.

List of guilds[edit]

This is a list of guild halls that you can select when adding a new location (e.g. i -> set a zone -> m -> l -> a -> g -> choose a guild type -> enter). General guilds are in bold, followed by specific guilds they include.

Miner hall
Woodworker hall Carpenter hall • Bowyer hall • Woodcutter hall
Stoneworker hall Engraver hall • Mason hall
Ranger hall Animal Caretaker hall • Hunter hall • Trapper hall • Animal Dissector hall
Metalsmith hall Furnace Operator hall • Weaponsmith hall • Armorer hall • Blacksmith hall • Metalcrafter hall
Jeweler hall Gem Cutter hall • Gem Setter hall
Craftsdwarf hall Woodcrafter hall • Stonecrafter hall • Leatherworker hall • Bone Carver hall • Weaver hall
Clothier hall • Glassmaker hall • Potter hall • Glazer hall • Wax Worker hall • Strand Extractor hall
Fishery Worker hall Fisherdwarf hall • Fish Dissector hall • Fish Cleaner hall
Farmer hall Cheese Maker hall • Milker hall • Cook hall • Thresher hall • Miller hall • Butcher hall • Tanner hall
Dyer hall • Planter hall • Herbalist hall • Brewer hall • Soap Maker hall • Potash Maker hall
Lye Maker hall • Wood Burner hall • Shearer hall • Spinner hall • Presser hall • Beekeeper hall
Engineer hall Mechanic hall • Siege Engineer hall • Siege Operator hall • Pump Operator hall
Doctor hall Diagnoser hall • Bone Doctor hall • Suturer hall • Surgeon hall

Guilds in World Generation[edit]

Guilds are formed in world generation, by civilizations that value craftsmanship, such as dwarves and humans. These guilds will have various historical figures take up positions in them, as well as build themselves guildhalls in settlements, and have also been observed to occasionally help construct monasteries for religious groups. There are always four possible positions in the generated guilds: A Leader (dean/doyer, handles negotiations), an Alderman (manages work orders), a Steward (handles trade) and a Clerk/Record keeper. These positions are not yet available within fortress mode, and thus, guilds made in fortresses don't get them.

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In light of recent accidents, the Farmer's Guild has been restricted from performing any gelding demonstrations until further notice.

Fisherdwarves with Master or higher skill in fishing appear to be able to lead milking demonstrations at legendary level, regardless of their actual Milker skill.

Despite recent events in the human world, the Writer's Guild of the Mountainhomes is still working...for now.