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This article is about the current version of DF.
Tower seen in world generation.

Necromancer towers (I) are special structures built by necromancers during world generation. The number of necromancer towers is influenced by human populations (which require low savagery and large tracts of neutral land) and the number of secrets in world generation. Necromancer towers can be a source of fun in both adventurer mode and fortress mode.

Adventurer Mode[edit]

In adventurer mode, necromancers are most commonly found in towers. The towers generally have a few necromancers and a lot of undead. Becoming a necromancer yourself requires reading about the secrets of life and death, which are either found on a slab or in a book. If you decide to attack the tower, very high combat skills will be required to survive the zombie guards, and the necromancers themselves will be quick to reanimate any dead companion you happen to have brought. Alternatively, you can become a vampire either by drinking another vampire's blood or defiling a temple, which will make undead passive to your presence (since you're undead yourself now) and allow you to simply stroll your way into the place and even have a chat with the necromancers. Becoming a werebeast may help in fighting the zombies, but keep in mind undead don't tolerate werebeasts like they do with vampires.

Necromancers will occasionally leave the tower with a few zombies, patrol the area, then come back later.

Fortress Mode[edit]

"Tower" listed as a neighbor on the embark screen indicates the presence of a necromancer tower nearby. The necromancer will regularly send undead to attack you, leading to immense amounts of fun should you not be properly equipped to deal with undead enemies.

Towers can be raidedv0.44.01, and the books and slab stored inside can be brought as loot, allowing your dwarves to learn necromancy without the need to play adventurer mode.