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This article is about the current version of DF.

Necromancer towers are special structures built by necromancers during world generation. The number of necromancer towers is influenced by human populations (which require low savagery and large tracts of neutral land) and the number of secrets in world generation. Necromancer towers can be a source of fun in both adventure mode and fortress mode.

[edit] Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, necromancers are most commonly found in towers (I). The towers generally have a few necromancers and a lot of zombies. Becoming a necromancer yourself requires reading about the secrets of life and death, which are either found on a slab or in a book. If you decide to attack the tower, you might want to become a night creature first by drinking a vampire's blood. Zombies and other undead will not bother you if you yourself are undead. Once you learn the secrets of necromancy, all remaining undead in the tower will no longer be hostile toward you, so simply making a mad dash for the slab may also be a viable tactic. It may also be a good idea to get bitten by a werebeast as that will make it much easier to deal with the undead, however the undead will still attack you as Werebeasts lack the NOT_LIVING token even when transformed.

Necromancers will occasionally leave the tower with a few zombies, and patrol the area. Then come back later, this is due to World Activation

[edit] Fortress Mode

"Tower" listed as a neighbor on the embark screen indicates the presence of a necromancer tower nearby. The necromancer will regularly send undead to attack you.

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