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Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a linux crash from units leaving the map with a kill order on them
  • Fixed a crash from tileless burrows
  • Fixed adv mode crash on service conversation option
  • Made healthcare work for dwarves that need crutches
  • Made healthcare/hospitals handle plaster/casts properly
  • Stopped creatures from attacking across several Z levels
  • Stopped hospitals from stocking everything, ignoring the item caps
  • Stopped pots from storing almost infinite numbers of items
  • Stopped inaccessible spam from cleaning jobs with soap
  • Made fish appear in many situation where they were erroneous missing (old forts will still be off, unfortunately)
  • Stopped massive lag from certain ghosts
  • Fixed up bone artifacts
  • Cleaned up persistent activities and squads that were lingering
  • Sorted out an issue with combat/training bolts

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Made pots show up in the trade depot list
  • Better stockpile options for stone, blocks, metal clothing, etc. and fixed some broken existing options
  • Cleaned up some issues with glass items
  • Wooden/bone crossbows specifically selectable from uniform screen now
  • Made migrant hunters recognize their crossbows properly
  • Changed how skills are applied to job products -- attributes are accounted for properly and skills should work in adv mode now, but you'll notice a different distribution of qualities in the final product, especially for no/low skill when differing attributes are involved
  • Stopped surgery cancellations over patient not resting in some circumstances
  • Ungummed up the hauling system from certain stale jobs
  • Made lavish etc. meals take the proper number of item piles
  • Made magma forges available more regularly to mood dwarves
  • Stopped raw processing from including backup files
  • Fixed some capybara and panda typos and tweaked giraffe and reptile eggs
  • Cleaned some trouble with grass regrowth and generic "grass" tiles
  • Made recentering hotkeys work in other dwarf modes (ones with x cursors)
  • Fixed broken readout for completed jobs in unit health screen
  • Cleaned up spam from rest jobs from webbed dwarves
  • Fixed broken key in hospital zone mode
  • Moved underground camp creatures from civ list and stopped their items from being counted in fortress wealth
  • Stopped underground theft announcements in hidden areas from being displayed
  • Fixed various ugly blank "" names in legends mode
  • Fixed a random number overflow from creatures with no attacks

New stuff[edit]

  • Sponsored animals included: penguin, platypus, badger, moose, along with related buddies
  • Rodent men underground
  • Invader mounts/monsters have first names