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Every respectable dwarven fortress has a developed (and occupied) catacombs system.

Burial Receptacles are containers for deceased dwarves and pets that are used to store their corpses and other remains. Somewhat confusingly, they have different names depending on the material used to build them, but thankfully they all function identically and all are produced with the Burial Receptacle option via the build menu.

Name Materials Used
Coffin Stone, Glass
Casket Wood
Sarcophagus Metal


After the item is built, the player can access its building menu (q) to allow it to be used for burial (it defaults to No), as well as whether it should be used for citizens or pets. A burial receptacle is in use when the message, "This is the resting place of __________", is displayed, and it is possible to view its contents via the View Items in Buildings option, accessed with t.

If the player wishes to ensure a dwarf is buried in a particular spot, then they need to create a tomb from any burial building, assigning said tomb to the dwarf in question. It is important to note that the player cannot assign a burial receptacle to non-citizens. The only way to bury pets, caravan guards, and other dwarves is to use the "Use for Burial" option. This will cause the burial receptacle to be automatically assigned to a dwarf/pet on a first dead, first serve basis.

To get a non-citizen into a particular burial receptacle, make sure that no other coffins are available for burial and ensure that the desired dwarf is next in line for burial. If said dwarf has already been buried, simply deconstruct his old coffin and he will be first in line for a new one.


It is not required to bury the dead; the player may also choose to build a memorial. One can even simply haul dwarven remains to a corpse stockpile or leave them to rot where they fell, though this has several serious consequences - friends and relatives of the deceased will receive unhappy thoughts if their loved ones remain unburied, miasma will be generated if corpses rot inside the fortress, and especially troubled souls may decide to come back for revenge.


  • Dwarves may insist on assigning a coffin, even when there are no remains left to bury. This can prevent you from burying the recently deceased until all the long lost caravanners have empty coffins of their own.

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