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23a:Archery target

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This article is about an older version of DF.

An archery target is a building used to improve the marksdwarf skill. An archery range is the room defined from an archery target.

Creating an Archery range[edit]

  1. To create a target, open the build menu and select "Archery Target". It uses one stone, log, or block and requires the architecture labor in addition to masonry, carpentry, or metalsmithing, depending on the material.
  2. Once constructed, an archery range must be defined from the archery target. Open the buildings menu (q) and select the target. Select "Make archery range" and define its size using +/-.
  3. After choosing the size of the archery range you must decide on the shooting direction using w, a, s, or d.
  • Unlike other rooms, archery ranges do not include all archery targets within range - in order for each range to be properly used, each one must be designated as its own room, even if this causes them to overlap.
  • An archery range requires a minimum length of 3 squares - the one the archery target is on, one empty square, and one for the marksdwarf to stand on. Otherwise the marksdwarf will complain that there is no floor space and refuse to train.
    • Note that if the target is set up in a direction where there is insufficient space (e.g. is set left-to-right for a top-to-bottom archery range) the "Shooting at Archery Range" task will cancel due to lack of floor space.
  • Having a longer length range seems to make marksdwarves miss more often. This mainly results in larger amounts of rubble on the floors - see below.

Using an Archery range[edit]

Only off-duty military dwarves equipped with crossbows will use archery ranges. You can switch a squad to off-duty by accessing the military menu, viewing the appropriate squad, and setting it to off-duty.

Shooting requires a crossbow and wooden or bone bolts - metal bolts are considered too valuable for practice and will not be used. Bolts which are fired are destroyed when they hit the target (or the wall) and cannot be reclaimed, and will form a small rubble pile that will be cleaned up by a dwarf with the cleaning labor enabled. Cleaners will happily walk through the line of fire to do this, though they will not be harmed.

For further information on training martial skills, see sparring.

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