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Lining the cave river


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This article is about an older version of DF.

Limestone is a light stone and is worth twice as much as ordinary stone when made into furniture or crafts. It is also a flux stone, used in the production of both pig iron and steel bars. Limestone can be found in abundance in a narrow strip on either side of the cave river and in smaller clusters strewn throughout the mountain.

To increase the efficiency of your steel-making operations, you should create custom stone stockpiles near your smelters which accept only limestone.

If you have your craftsdwarves make light stone crafts, you may have a problem keeping your limestone from being used for that purpose. One way to prevent this is to create a custom stockpile near your craftsdwarf's workshops which accepts only marble and moonstone; craftsdwarves will use the stone closest to them and ignore more distant limestone. Another way to protect your limestone is to use it to make temporary rough rock bridges and roads; later, when you want the limestone, you can tear up the bridges and roads and reuse the stone. You can also limit your craftsdwarves to crafting dark stone only.

Note that limestone blocks cannot be used in the production of pig iron or steel.