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Profession Farmer
Job Title Thresher
Labor Plant processing
  • Process plants
  • Process plants (to Bag)
  • Process plants (to Barrel)
  • Process plants (to Vial)

Farmer's workshop

This article is about an older version of DF.

Thresher is the skill that dwarves use when given the labor plant processing. "Processing plants" actually covers 4 different jobs done at a farmer's workshop.

Using Thresher to make thread can be done without any container to store the results in, but other plants require a specific container to hold the resulting product:

  • Process plants:
Turns pig tails into pig tail thread or rope reed into rope reed thread. These products produce seeds as well.
  • Process plants (to bag):
Turns quarry bushes into quarry bush leaves and produces rock nuts. Five leaves are produced per quarry bush.
Turns sweet pods into dwarven syrup and produces sweet pod seeds. Each sweet pod produces five units of syrup.
  • Process plants (to vial):
Turns valley herbs into Golden salve. Requires a glass vial. Currently there is no use for this extract other than as an export good.

If a dwarf's highest skill is Thresher, then that will also be their profession, but if some (unknown) level of other farming skills are mixed in, they will be known as a Farmer.

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