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This article is about an older version of DF.

Armor User is the skill related to the wearing of armor in combat. Dwarves with this skill will be slowed by heavy armor less than usual, in proportion to the skill level. Armor user skill is gained when a dwarf wearing armor is successfully hit in combat, either sparring or in the field, wrestling or with a weapon.

The armor user skill reduces the effective weight of all items that are worn but not any items inside a worn object (like the items carried in a backpack). It has no effect at Novice level, but at <nolabel> level, it decreases the weight of worn items by 3/16ths. Each additional level of skill decreases the weight of items by another 1/16th, up to a maximum of 16/16ths if a creature is a legendary armor user.

Skill level Armor weight
Novice/Dabbling ×1.0
No label ×0.8125
Competent ×0.75
Skilled ×0.6875
Proficient ×0.625
Skill level Armor weight
Talented ×0.5625
Adept ×0.5
Expert ×0.4375
Professional ×0.375
Accomplished ×0.3125
Skill level Armor weight
Great ×0.25
Master ×0.1875
High Master ×0.125
Grand Master ×0.0625
Legendary ×0.0