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Profession Ranger
Job Title Trapper
Labor Trapping
  • Capture a live land animal
  • Trap construction
  • Bait trap
This article is about an older version of DF.

Trapping is used to catch vermin (creatures so small that they are represented by a "∙"). This function is performed at a kennels or butcher's shop, and requires animal traps (not cages).

You can also trap animals by building a trap and baiting it. This is the only way to capture river, magma or chasm creatures such as the purring maggot.

Large animals like horses or groundhogs can be trapped with a cage trap. This however does require a Mechanic for building and reloading the trap, not trapping. A Hauler will bring the filled cage to a stockpile.

Experience is not granted when placing an animal trap, but when inserting the bait.


Oddly, only dwarves with the Trapping profession enabled can make animal traps at the carpenter's workshop and metalsmith's forge.