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This article is about the current version of DF.


Urist likes bumblebees for their woolly appearance.


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A small woolly insect that lives in hive colonies. It has an annoying sting which it rarely uses.

Bumblebees are a type of vermin found in any area that isn't freezing. They can sting a nearby dwarf without killing it, causing slight pain but no negative thought for the dwarf. They are not killed by cats.

Bumblebees spawn from "colonies", and are one of several creatures to do so (the only notable one being the honey bee). However, unlike the former, bumblebees can't be used for beekeeping, this being an intentional decision by Toady One. Bumblebee mead appears in the food stockpile along with standard honeybee mead, though it is not possible to brew it.

Some dwarves like bumblebees for their woolly appearance.

Admired for its woolly appearance.

In real life[edit]

Nectar collected by bumblebees was traditionally collected by children in Scandinavian countries and termed "bumblebee honey" or "bumblebee mead"; it was used both as a food and for medicinal purposes. However, because they form annual rather than perennial colonies, they do not store the large amounts of honey that honey bees do.


  • Bumblebee honey/mead/jelly may be preferred by some dwarves since it exists in the raws, but it isn't obtainable. Work-arounds exist in modding bumblebees to have the [ARTIFICIAL_HIVEABLE] tag, making them usable for beekeeping, or by removing their beekeeping-related materials so that they don't exist to begin with. Bug:4735