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Gizzard stone

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Gizzard stone sprite preview.png
Native gold gizzard stone.

A gizzard stone is a rock obtainable by butchering or slaughtering specific animals, usually large birds or reptiles. Gizzard stones are treated as cut stone gems, suitable for encrusting goods and furniture. The material of the gem is a randomly selected type of stone, and may include materials not otherwise available on the map. Not all creatures with a gizzard body part drop gizzard stones when butchered, however.

Creatures that drop gizzard stones on butchering:

All of these animals can be tamed and bred as part of your meat industry, and the gizzard stones can then be used in your gem industry.

In real life[edit]

Gizzard stones, also known as gastroliths, are rocks or sand in the digestive tract to help grind up food, serving in that role instead of teeth. Animals that use gastroliths for digestion often have a special muscular stomach, called the gizzard. Gastroliths are particularly common in birds and reptiles, which lack appropriate teeth for grinding food, but they're also found in seals, sea lions, fish, and invertebrates. In aquatic animals, the stones can also serve as ballast.