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This article is about the current version of DF.
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There is a crude diplomacy system in Dwarf Fortress that dictates how your fortress interacts with the various civilizations around the world. It is important to keep in mind, as due to world generation, your civilization may already start at war with one or more of its neighbors.

Diplomacy states[edit]

The civilization screen provides basic information on the various diplomacy states:

  • No contact: Exactly what it says. The entity will not interact with you unless you initiate first contact (i.e. through a mission). Currently the most 'peaceful' way is to 'demand tribute', as this usually succeeds and even when it fails it won't result in an outright war. A civilized entity that has been 'contacted' this way will start sending caravans to you if able (that is, if they have the necessary tokens for pack animals).
  • Peace: The normal state of being for most civilizations you are in contact with. Civilized entities will trade with you and send diplomats. Note that you may be noted to be at peace with goblin civilizations, but this does not stop them from attacking your fortress. Successfully obtaining tribute from a civilization at war with you may result in (presumably coerced) peace. Human and elven civilizations may also send diplomats to your fortress that will offer a peace agreement.
  • Alliance: A peculiar state beyond 'peace', alliances are formed between civilization to fend off world existential threats, e.g. necromancer takeovers. It is unknown whether alliances have any effect in fortress mode or whether it is indeed possible to form one in game at all.
  • Skirmishing: An intermediate state between peace and outright war that usually exists with small-time entities such as towers. It is unknown whether a state of skirmishing results in lower invasion frequency. Raiding a tower will 'upgrade' this state into a full-blown war.
  • War: The civilizations will engage in full-on warfare with one another. Entities you are at war with will potentially send sieges to your fort, especially if you attack them first. Attempting to raid, pillage or raze a site will trigger a war with its parent civilization. Note that goblin civilizations are always functionally at war to your own, even if not formally marked as being at war with your entity. This is because of their [c|BABYSNATCHER] tag, see faction for more information.