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Dyer's shop

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Dyer's shop

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The Dyer's shop is the workshop used to dye thread and cloth. It requires a barrel and a bucket to build, and must be built by a dwarf with the Dyeing labor enabled. Dyeing increases the value of the dyed thread or cloth, which can be useful for trading. Dyes can't be applied to finished goods made from cloth, such as clothing, bags, or crafts.

There are currently four colors of dye: Midnight Blue, Emerald, Red, and Black. Midnight blue is extracted from dimple cups, emerald is extracted from blade weed, red is extracted from hide root, and black from sliver barb. Sliver barbs are only found on evil areas, therefore elves, dwarves, and humans won't bring sliver barbs to trade. To obtain it you must embark in an evil area and pull it from the ground yourself.

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