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This section is sufficiently complete, although more additions may be made.

Selachimorpha (sharks)[edit]

Hexanchiformes (sixgill-like sharks)[edit]

Frill shark (already included)

Sixgill shark

Squaliformes (generic sharks)[edit]

Gulper shark

Kitefin shark (historically used for meat, liver oil, and leather)

Pygmy shark

Cookiecutter shark (notable for eating its own teeth and generally acting like an asshole)

Bramble shark

Black dogfish

Dwarf lanternshark

Smooth lanternshark

Velvet belly lanternshark

Green lanternshark (could that name have been accidental? also hunts in packs)

Rough shark

Portuguese dogfish* (recommend name "scaly dogfish" or "hollowscale dogfish" based on construction of scientific name. Also economically significant)

Sleeper shark (big, has antifreeze in its tissues, eats dolphins whole)

Gray shark (even bigger, has role in Inuit legend, and "More recently, a reputable Canadian wildlife biologist reported observing a Greenland Shark exploding from the water with a tremendous splash, grasping a near-shore Caribou by the (obviously startled) face, dragging it — kicking and bugalling — into the water, and then eating it.")

Spiny dogfish (already included)

Pristiophoriformes (sawsharks)[edit]


Squatiniformes (angelsharks)[edit]

Angelshark (already included)

Heterodontiformes (bullhead sharks)[edit]

Horn shark (poisonous spines used for jewelry, bites harder for its size than any other shark)

Bullhead shark

Orectolobiformes (carpet sharks)[edit]

Nurse shark (already included)

Tawny nurse shark

Bamboo shark

Epaulette shark

Spotted wobbegong (already included)

Collared carpetshark

Whale shark (already included)

Zebra shark

Carcharhiniformes (ground sharks)[edit]

Carcharhinus (requiem sharks)[edit]

Silvertip shark

Bull shark (already included)

Oceanic whitetip shark

Silky shark

Dusky shark

Sandbar shark

Night shark

Blacktip reef shark (already included)

Other Carcharhiniformes[edit]

Tiger shark (already included)

River shark

Daggernose shark

Lemon shark

Blue shark (already included)

Sharpnose shark

Spadenose shark

Whitetip reef shark (already included)

Weasel shark

Finback catshark (This family seems poorly understood, could be omitted entirely.)

False catshark

Coral catshark



Leopard catshark

Chain catshark

Nursehound shark

Cloudy catshark

Winghead shark

Hammerhead shark (already included)

Smoothhound shark

Leopard shark

Lamniformes (mackerel sharks)[edit]

Thresher shark

Basking shark (already included)

Great white shark (already included)

Shortfin mako shark (already included)

Longfin mako shark (already included)

Salmon shark (a homeotherm!)

Porbeagle (interesting playful behaviors)

Megamouth shark

Goblin shark

Gray nurse shark

Sand tiger shark

Crocodile shark

Batoidea (rays and skates)[edit]

Anacanthobatidae (smooth skates)[edit]

Leg skate

Dasyatidae (stingrays)[edit]


Roughtail stingray

Diamond stingray

Smooth freshwater stingray

Longtail stingray

Smalleye stingray

Common stingray (already included)

Thorntail stingray

Pale-edged stingray

Himantura (whip rays)[edit]

Giant freshwater stingray

Pink whipray

Mangrove whipray

Marbled whipray

Honeycomb stingray

Taeniura (ribbontail stingrays)[edit]

Round fantail stingray

Bluespotted ribbontail ray

Blotched fantail ray


Porcupine ray

Pincushion ray

Other Dasyatidate[edit]


Cowtail stingray

Pelagic stingray

Gymnuridae (butterfly rays)[edit]

Butterfly ray (not well described, at least on Wikipedia)

Hexatrygonidae (sixgill stingrays)[edit]

Sixgill stingray

Myliobatidae (eagle rays)[edit]

Bat ray (already included)

Cownose ray

Bull ray

Spotted eagle ray

Manta ray (already included)

Plesiobatidae (deepwater stingrays)[edit]

Deepwater stingray

Potamotrygonidae (river stingrays)[edit]

River stingray

Rajidae (skates)[edit]

Thorny skate

Deepsea skate

Butterfly skate

Common skate (already included)

Barndoor skate

Little skate

Peacock skate

Big skate

Thornback ray (already included)

Mottled skate

Bottlenose skate

Rhinobatidae (guitarfishes)[edit]

Shovelnose ray


Thornback guitarfish

Bowmouth guitarfish

Fiddler ray

Urolophidae (round rays)[edit]

Banded stingaree

Pristidae (sawfishes)[edit]


Narcinidae (numbfishes)[edit]

Bullseye electric ray

Apron ray

Torpedinidae (torpedoes)[edit]

Black-spotted torpedo

Common torpedo

Dark electric ray

Hypnidae (coffin rays)[edit]

Coffin ray

Chimaeriformes (chimaeras)[edit]

Elephant shark


Small-eyed rabbitfish

Pale ghost shark

Spotted ratfish (already included)

Blackfin ghostshark

Large-eyed rabbitfish

Dark ghost shark

Narrownose chimaera

Sicklefin chimaera

Paddlenose chimaera

Spearnose chimaera