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Weapon token

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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

Weapon tokens define weapons. These tokens can only be placed within an ITEM_WEAPON object definition, and most do not function in armor objects.


Token Arguments Description
  • singular
  • plural
Name of the weapon. Required.
  • adjective
Adjective of the weapon, e.g. the "large" in "large copper dagger".
  • size
Volume of weapon in mL or cubic cm. Defaults to 100.
  • value
The amount of force used when firing projectiles - velocity is presumably determined by the projectile's mass. Defaults to 0.
  • value
The maximum speed a fired projectile can have.
SKILL The skill to determine effectiveness in melee with this weapon. Defaults to MACE. AXE skill will allow it to be used to chop down trees. MINING skill will allow it to be used for mining. Outsider adventurers (or regular ones with no points in offensive skills) will receive a weapon with the SPEAR skill, selected at random if multiple ones have been modded in. All adventurers will also start with a weapon using the DAGGER skill, again selected at random if multiple such weapons exist.
RANGED Makes this a ranged weapon that uses the specified ammo. The specified skill determines accuracy in ranged combat.
  • size
Creatures under this size (in cm^3) must use the weapon two-handed (or more if the creature has extra [GRASP] parts)[Verify]. Defaults to 50000. Below this size, one-handed use of a weapon will cause a penalty to hit.
  • size
Minimum body size (in cm^3) to use the weapon at all (multigrasp required until TWO_HANDED value). Defaults to 40000.
CAN_STONE Allows the weapon to be made at a craftsdwarf's workshop from a sharp ([MAX_EDGE:10000] or higher) stone (i.e. obsidian) plus a wood log.
TRAINING Restricts this weapon to being made of wood.
  • value
Number of bar units needed for forging, as well as the amount gained from melting. Required.
  • Preparation time
  • Recovery time
Determines the length of time to prepare this attack and until one can perform this attack again. Values appear to be calculated in adventure mode ticks.
ATTACK_FLAG_BAD_MULTIATTACK Multiple strikes with this attack cannot be performed effectively.
ATTACK_FLAG_INDEPENDENT_MULTIATTACK Multiple strikes with this attack can be performed with no penalty.
  • attacktype:BLUNT or EDGE
  • contact_area:value
  • penetration_size:value
  • verb2nd:string
  • verb3rd:string
  • noun:string
  • velocity_multiplier:value
You can have many ATTACK tags and one will be randomly selected for each attack, with EDGE attacks 100 times more common than BLUNT attacks. Contact area is usually high for slashing and low for bludgeoning, piercing, and poking. Penetration value tends to be low for slashing and high for stabbing, and is ignored if attack is BLUNT. Verbs are for the 2nd and 3rd person action verbs used to describe the attack. Noun describes what part of the weapon is being used in the attack, or NO_SUB for none. Velocity_multiplier is a multiplier for the attack momentum, increasing effectiveness; stab attacks use 1000 while the lash of a whip uses 5000. Required.