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Material token

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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

For the tokens that define an individual material's properties, see Material definition token.

Material tokens are used to refer to various types of materials in a wide variety of places. They can take the following forms below.


Token Arguments Description
INORGANIC MATERIAL_NAME Specifies a standalone inorganic material defined in the raws, generally a stone or metal. For example, INORGANIC:IRON refers to iron, and INORGANIC:CERAMIC_PORCELAIN refers to porcelain. The material name can be substituted with USE_LAVA_STONE to automatically select the local lava stone, which is normally obsidian.
STONE MATERIAL_NAME Alias for INORGANIC:MATERIAL_NAME, intended for backwards compatibility.
METAL MATERIAL_NAME Alias for INORGANIC:MATERIAL_NAME, intended for backwards compatibility.
COAL CHARCOAL, COKE, or NO_MATGLOSS Specifies a material that can be used as fuel - charcoal or coke. Specifying NO_MATGLOSS (not NONE) will make it accept "refined coal" in general, which matches charcoal, coke, and generic refined coal.
CREATURE_MAT CREATURE_ID:MATERIAL_NAME Specifies a material associated with a specific creature. Examples: CREATURE_MAT:DWARF:SKIN refers to dwarf skin.
LOCAL_CREATURE_MAT MATERIAL_NAME Alias for CREATURE_MAT:CREATURE_ID:MATERIAL_NAME, where CREATURE_ID is the creature currently being defined; as such, it can only be used in creature definitions.
PLANT_MAT PLANT_ID:MATERIAL_NAME Specifies a material associated with a specific plant. Example: PLANT_MAT:BUSH_QUARRY:LEAF refers to quarry bush leaves.
LOCAL_PLANT_MAT MATERIAL_NAME Alias for PLANT_MAT:PLANT_ID:MATERIAL_NAME, where PLANT_ID is the plant currently being defined; as such, it can only be used in plant definitions.
GET_MATERIAL_FROM_REAGENT REAGENT_ID:REACTION_PRODUCT_ID Specifies a material related to a reagent's material within a reaction. REAGENT_ID must match a [REAGENT], and REACTION_PRODUCT_ID must either match a [MATERIAL_REACTION_PRODUCT] belonging to the reagent's material or be equal to "NONE" to use the reagent's material itself.
MATERIAL_NAME NONE Specifies one of the hardcoded materials listed below. Note that this goes in the token itself, not arguments (i.e GLASS_GREEN:NONE, not MATERIAL_NAME:GLASS_GREEN).

Several types of items expect a creature ID and caste ID (e.g. ANT:SOLDIER) in place of the material token.

Hardcoded Materials[edit]

It should be noted when using the table below, that you do not place (MATERIAL_NAME:(Your material here)). For example, green glass will be (GLASS_GREEN:NONE).

# Token Information
0 INORGANIC Magma when specified with subtype NONE or NO_MATGLOSS, otherwise a user-defined inorganic material.
1 AMBER Amber
2 CORAL Coral
3 GLASS_GREEN Green glass
4 GLASS_CLEAR Clear glass
5 GLASS_CRYSTAL Crystal glass
6 WATER Water, when placed in buckets or when mining out ice.
7 COAL Coal - subtype is either COKE or CHARCOAL (or NO_MATGLOSS to match either).
8 POTASH Potash
9 ASH Ash
10 PEARLASH Pearlash
11 LYE Lye
12 MUD Mud
13 VOMIT Vomit
14 SALT Salt
15 FILTH_B Filth (brown, solid)
16 FILTH_Y Filth (yellow, liquid)
17 UNKNOWN_SUBSTANCE Unknown substance (light gray, liquid)
18 GRIME Grime