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This article is about an older version of DF.

A civilization is a nation, with settlements and a capital city. When you start a new fortress, there are typically two or more dwarven civilizations which you can choose to be the parent civilization of your fortress. You can select your civilization at the site selection screen. Different civilizations can have different items available when you embark. You will be forced to modify if you wish to play as any other race.

Mountain Civilization (The dwarves)[edit]

Mountain civilizations build settlements on the edge of mountain ranges. Their settlements are represented by Ω on the world map. Mountain civilizations can be connected by either roads or tunnels during World Generation.

Plains Civilization (The humans)[edit]

Plains civilizations build wooden towns in the lowlands. Their settlements are represented by +, *, , and # on the world map. During World Generation, wooded biomes near towns are often converted into grassy biomes, presumably due to the human's logging industry. Towns can be connected by roads during World Generation. Roads will also be built between towns and conquered sites located in mountains or forests.

Forest Civilization (The elves)[edit]

Forest civilizations build wooden towns in heavily forested areas. Their settlements are represented by î and on the world map.

Evil Civilization (The goblins)[edit]

They build towers, represented by П on the world map. Dark towers are often populated by a mix of races since goblins are keen on kidnapping rescuing children from other civilizations. These evil settlements can be connected via tunnels during World Generation.

Skulking Civilization (The kobolds)[edit]

Skulking civilizations populate caves and steal items from nearby civilizations.

Kobolds tend to die off at around year 4 during world gen, because they can't steal enough food to stay aliveBug:4025.

Unnamed Civilizations[edit]

Sometimes unnamed civilizations appear on the civilization screen, which are peopled by various other humanoids. Unlike the other civilizations listed, these unnamed civilizations spawn underground, forming small camps. The creatures that form these civilizations include:

These civilizations are intended to attack you when you disturb their caverns (e.g. by fishing, cutting down trees, or dumping garbage), but due to a lack of [ACTIVE_SEASON] or [PROGRESS_TRIGGER_POPULATION] / [PROGRESS_TRIGGER_PRODUCTION] / [PROGRESS_TRIGGER_TRADE] tokens in their entity definition, these attacks never happen. Fortunately, these tokens can be safely added to existing worlds.


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