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Any location

Cannot be tamed 
Birth: 3,000 cm3
Mid: 15,000 cm3
Max: 60,000 cm3

Child at: 1
Adult at: 12
Max age: Immortal
This creature cannot be butchered

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.
A medium-sized creature dedicated to the ruthless protection of nature.

Elves are smelly tree fondling hippies humanoids dedicated to the protection of their concept of nature (focused on trees).

Elven caravans arrive in late spring. During trade, elves will not accept wood, wooden items or any goods decorated with wood. This includes clear and crystal glass items and soap, because wood-derived lye and pearlash are used in their production, however, ash-glazed items are acceptable. Elves will, however, gladly trade you their own wooden items. They will not, however, accept their wooden items back. Bunch of hypocritical bastards. Be careful to not offer them your wooden bins or barrels, or quivers containing wooden bolts/arrows. If the contents of bins are marked for trade individually, and are not wooden themselves, the elves will not care that you used wooden bins to haul the goods to the depot. You may also steal from them without any repercussions as they cannot fight back.

Offending elves by attempting to trade wooden items quickly causes them to refuse further trade this year and leave early. Repeatedly offending elves by attempting to trade wooden items may cause them to attack your fortress with an ambush.

Elves will generally accept items made of green glass, stone, metal, bone and other refuse, silk, leather, plant fiber cloth, meat and fish, totems, and even plants. They will accept animals in trade, as long as their cages are not wooden.

They also accept raw clear glass and raw crystal glass, despite the fact that they are made using pearlash.

Elves generally bring all kinds of wooden items like barrels and cages, animals, alcohol, plant fiber and its products as well as small quantities of weapons, armor and plants (The weapons and armor are made out of wood, and not very useful in combat). They usually bring tamed rare animals, which may be important if you want to have battle eagles or some other beasts for your army and zoo.


Elven ethics often differ from those of other races. Their position on moral philosophy will likely put them at odds with humans, goblins and sometimes kobolds and animal-people. They are likely to be friendly with dwarves, at least until they cut down too many trees or seize too many items. Elves are the only race which wholeheartedly accepts the devouring of enemy combatants. Looking in legends mode shows that an elven combatant will sometimes devour the other person they were fighting when they win. In spite of this, elves refuse to butcher and consume intelligent beings. Elves find torturing as an example acceptable, but condemn other forms of torture and consider torturing for information misguided. To elves, keeping any trophy of any kind is an unthinkable act. Elves begrudgingly allow for killing animals when done in self-defense, and the killing of other elves by an elf is justified if there is an extremely good reason for doing so. For elves, the killing of plants is unthinkable. On the other hand, the killing of neutral beings and enemies is acceptable. Elves never offer serious or capital punishment to criminals; instead, elves found to have committed vandalism, trespassing or theft are reprimanded, while those convicted of treason, lying, breaking oaths, assault or participating in slavery are forced into exile.

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