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This article is about an older version of DF.
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A table is a piece of furniture necessary for dwarves to eat food in comfort. A table is also needed to define a dining room and serve as an operating surface in a hospital. Tables are also part of traction benches. Dwarves dislike eating at a chair without a table and can't share their table or chair with others.

Tables can be made from a wide variety of materials, including wood, stone, metal, and glass.

Dwarves primarily use tables to eat food, avoiding the negative thought for eating without a proper table. Since dwarves first try to sit down and only then check whether there's a table to put their food on, the proper placement of chairs is more important for proper dining. Tables without an adjacent chair will simply not be used for eating; if two tables are adjacent to a single chair, one will go unused. Chairs without adjacent tables, however, will cause unhappy thoughts whenever dwarves sit on them to eat, and a single table with two adjacent chairs can also lead to unhappy thoughts if two dwarves sit on the chairs: only one can put their food on the table, the other will have to eat from their lap and will complain about crowded tables.

An unassigned dining room designated from a table will be used by any dwarves without an assigned dining room, resulting in positive thoughts scaled to the quality of the dining room. Creating a high-value dining room is one of the easiest ways to give your dwarves a happy thought. Note, however, that dwarves with a table (or chair) in their quarters may opt to eat there instead, so it is generally best to only install tables in your nobles' quarters.

In a hospital zone, tables are used during surgery as an operating surface. For this purpose, tables should be installed directly adjacent to hospital beds due to a bug canceling surgery if the patient moves more than one tile.Bug:2773

Tables are also used as an input, along with mechanism and ropes, at the Mechanic's workshop to make a traction bench. With three quality-rated items in a single tile, a traction bench can be a good way of rapidly increasing the value of a room, although it won't actually be used unless installed in a designated hospital.

Tables can be created from one wood log at a Carpenter's workshop, one stone at a Mason's workshop, one bag of sand at a Glass furnace or three metal bars at a Metalsmith's forge.