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Animal Trainer
Profession Trapper
Labor Animal training


This article is about an older version of DF.

Animal trainers train dogs at the kennel to be war dogs or hunting dogs. They also tame certain captured wild animals and vermin, though exotic creatures (such as Dragons) can only be tamed once you have a Dungeon master. Higher skill only allows faster training of animals.

Large animal taming allows you to select the exact creature you wish to tame, while small animal taming and large animal training will simply use the nearest available creature.

Taming a wild animal requires a small amount of food, which is consumed by the animal. Any seeds, bones or shells are left in the animal's cage. Since the cage isn't empty, it can't be used to load a cage trap. Currently, the only way to clean items out a cage is to chasm them from the Z-Stocks menu once you have a Bookkeeper.Verify

If the tame task is put on repeat, your animal trainer will continue to 'tame' the same animal over and over. The result is a cage filled with many seeds, bones, and shells.

Currently the food for taming is picked somewhat randomly and herbivores may be tamed with fish or other meat.

Training an animal for hunting or war does not require any food, just the animal's undivided attention (and ability to walk to the kennel). Once the animal is trained, it will tend to follow whomever trained them around until assigned to another person.

Additionally, only dwarves with Animal Training labor enabled will transfer hostile creatures between cages.