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Room requirements  
Office Meager Office
Quarters Meager Quarters
Dining room Meager Dining Room
Tomb None
Furniture requirements
Chests 1
Cabinets 1
Weapon racks 1
Armor stands 1
Mandates None
Demands 1
Arrival conditions
  • Created wealth 5000☼
  • Mint 2500 coins
This article is about an older version of DF.

The bookkeeper noble arrives once you have minted 5 stacks of coins (of any material, even ones not usable as currency) and have produced at least 5000☼ worth of goods. Once you have a Bookkeeper, the "Created Wealth" section on your Z-Status screen will be filled in, and you will also be given access to the Stocks screen to manage the items in your fortress in various useful ways.

Once the manager has also arrived (which is almost always the case, as most fortresses will reach a population of 20 long before minting any coins), the economy begins, and once the broker shows up, you will become eligible to receive a baron.

The bookkeeper will also constantly mandate the production of coins made of copper, silver, and gold (as well as electrum and platinum once the dungeon master has arrived). Unlike other mandates, however, ignoring these will not result in any punishment aside from an unhappy thought.

Once you are eligible to receive a manager, broker, or bookkeeper, Elven caravans will begin to visit your fortress.