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Butchering returns
Bones 5
Chunks 5
Meat 5
Fat 4
Skulls 1
Skin Leather
Modvalue 2

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.

Warthogs are glorified pigs preferring hot biomes and are neither remarkable or interesting in any particular way. Dwarves will interrupt work to run from them if they spot one. Warthogs will also tend to run from dwarves so chaos tends to ensue if one or more somehow find their way inside a fortress. One on one, they are generally no match for a dabbling wrestler. They usually live in small herds of 3 to 7, though a hunter will have no trouble with a herd, armed or otherwise.

[edit] Usefulness

They can be trained and used as pets or as a food and leather source. Warthog meat, bones, fat, and leather is worth twice as much of those from dogs or cats, but they produce less bones, chunks, and meat than other more common creatures such as the horse, cow, and mule.

Other animals, such as elephants which are often found along with warthogs, are more valuable. Warthogs breed and mature at a rate comparable with a dog or cat but are worth more per part, and when butchered produce 3 more fat.

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