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This article is about an older version of DF.
You may be looking for Item definition token.

These are to be used with certain Creature token (such as ITEMCORPSE) as well as in Reactions.

An item is described by four tokens, as such:

[<whatever is asking for the token>:TYPE:SUBTYPE:MATERIAL:MATGLOSS]

Nearly all items are made of a material, though several types expect either a creature ID or a plant ID instead.

Item type tokens[edit]

# Token Description
0 BAR Bars, such as metal, fuel, or soap.
1 SMALLGEM Cut gemstones usable in jeweler's workshop
2 BLOCKS Blocks of any kind.
3 ROUGH Rough gemstones or raw glass.
4 STONE Raw mined stone.
5 WOOD Wooden logs. Material must be WOOD.
6 DOOR Doors.
7 FLOODGATE Floodgates.
8 BED Beds.
9 CHAIR Chairs and thrones.
10 CHAIN Chains and ropes.
11 FLASK Flasks.
12 GOBLET Goblets.
13 INSTRUMENT Musical instruments. Subtypes come from item_instrument.txt
14 TOY Toys. Subtypes come from item_toy.txt
15 WINDOW Glass windows.
16 CAGE Cages.
17 BARREL Barrels.
18 BUCKET Buckets.
19 ANIMALTRAP Animal traps.
20 TABLE Tables.
21 COFFIN Coffins.
22 STATUE Statues.
23 CORPSE Corpses. Has no material.
24 WEAPON Weapons. Subtypes come from item_weapon.txt
25 ARMOR Armor and clothing worn on the upper body. Subtypes come from item_armor.txt
26 SHOES Armor and clothing worn on the feet. Subtypes come from item_shoes.txt
27 SHIELD Shields and bucklers. Subtypes come from item_shield.txt
28 HELM Armor and clothing worn on the head. Subtypes come from item_helm.txt
29 GLOVES Armor and clothing worn on the hands. Subtypes come from item_gloves.txt
30 BOX Chests (wood), coffers (stone), boxes (glass), and bags (cloth or leather).
31 BIN Bins.
32 ARMORSTAND Armor stands.
33 WEAPONRACK Weapon racks.
34 CABINET Cabinets.
35 FIGURINE Idols.
36 AMULET Amulets.
37 SCEPTER Scepters.
38 AMMO Ammunition for hand-held weapons. Subtypes come from item_ammo.txt
39 CROWN Crowns.
40 RING Rings.
41 EARRING Earrings.
42 BRACELET Bracelets.
43 GEM Large gems.
44 ANVIL Anvils.
45 CORPSEPIECE Body parts. Has no material.
46 REMAINS Dead vermin bodies and large creature chunks. Material is a creature ID.
47 MEAT Butchered meat. Material is a creature ID.
48 FISH Prepared fish. Material is a creature ID.
49 FISH_RAW Unprepared fish. Material is a creature ID.
50 VERMIN Live vermin. Material is a creature ID.
51 PET Tame vermin. Material is a creature ID.
52 SEEDS Seeds from plants. Material is a plant ID.
53 PLANT Plants. Material is a plant ID.
54 SKIN_RAW Untanned skins. Material is a creature ID.
55 SKIN_TANNED Leather. Material must be LEATHER.
56 BONES Bones from creatures. Material is a creature ID.
57 SHELL Shells from creatures that have them. Material is a creature ID.
58 LEAVES Leaves, usually from quarry bushes. Material is a plant ID.
59 THREAD Thread gathered from webs or made at the farmer's workshop.
60 CLOTH Cloth made at the loom.
61 TOTEM Skull totems.
62 SKULL Skulls of dead creatures. Does not work correctly - raws are parsed as a standard material+matgloss, but the item interprets the material as a creature ID. See talk for more information.
63 PANTS Armor and clothing worn on the legs. Subtypes come from item_pants.txt
64 BACKPACK Backpacks.
65 QUIVER Quivers.
66 CATAPULTPARTS Catapult parts.
67 BALLISTAPARTS Ballista parts.
68 SIEGEAMMO Siege engine ammunition. Subtypes come from item_siegeammo.txt
69 BALLISTAARROWHEAD Ballista arrow heads.
70 TRAPPARTS Mechanisms.
71 TRAPCOMP Trap components. Subtypes come from item_trapcomp.txt
72 EXTRACT Extracts from certain plants and creatures. Material is either CREATURE or PLANT, and matgloss is a creature ID or plant ID.
73 POTION ???
74 DRINK Alcoholic drinks.
75 POWDER_MISC Powders such as flour, dye, sand, or bone meal.
76 CHEESE Pieces of cheese. Material is either CREATURE or PLANT, and matgloss is a creature ID or plant ID.
77 FOOD Prepared meals. Subtypes come from item_food.txt
78 LIQUID_MISC Liquids such as water and lye.
79 COIN Coins.
80 GLOB Fat, tallow, and small bits of molten rock/metal. Also works with blood, vomit, mud, filth, salt, grime and unknown substance.
81 ROCK Small rocks (usually thrown in adventurer mode).
82 PIPE_SECTION Pipe sections.
83 HATCH_COVER Hatch covers.
84 GRATE Grates.
85 QUERN Querns.
86 MILLSTONE Millstones.

Item subtype tokens[edit]

Most item types have no subtypes. "NONE" or "NO_SUBTYPE" (the raws use NO_SUBTYPE, saving an embark profile uses NONE) is used for the subtype position for these. For items that do have subtypes, the subtypes are defined from the raws for that item type as noted above.