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This article is about the current version of DF.
Animal Caretaker
Profession Ranger
Job Title Animal Caretaker
Labor Animal care
  • Agility
  • Analytical Ability
  • Memory
  • Empathy

Animal caretaking is the skill used by dwarves to treat any injured pet assigned to them, as long as they have the labor enabled. It is entirely non-functional, but dwarves can inexplicably gain experience in it during worldgen, leading to animal caretakers appearing in migrant waves.

Veterinary medicine is an expected feature that has not yet been implemented into the game, so animal caretaking does not actually serve a purpose as of yet.Bug:349 Wounded animals will instead heal on their own - or not at all. This makes even your greatest animal caretakers equivalent to peasants. Animal caretaking is not planned to be implemented in the near future, and as such, animal caretakers who arrive in migrant waves should be immediately repurposed into other, actually functional professions.

While non-functional in the vanilla game, the utility DFHack can be used to make animal caretaking work through the dwarfvet enable command; when the plugin is active, injured pets will rest in any activity zone marked as both a hospital and a training zone, where dwarves will then provide them with the necessary care. The command dwarfvet disable can be used to disable the plugin if necessary.

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