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Profession Doctor
Job Title Diagnoser
Labor Diagnosis
  • Diagnose wounded dwarves
  • Ponder
  • Discuss
  • Research
  • Analytical Ability
  • Memory
  • Intuition
This article is about the current version of DF.

Diagnostician is the skill associated with the diagnosis labor. Diagnosers are responsible for deciding how a dwarf who is hurt should be treated at a hospital.

Diagnostician skill level is related to the speed at which the labor is completed. It is the only relevant skill of the chief medical dwarf noble position, and the health screen will not display information without it.

Diagnosers determine the freshest hell unleashed on your fortress' injured as part of the health care industry.

The diagnostician skill is also used by scholars when thinking about medical science-related topics.

Topic Description Wikipedia link Subdivision
Anesthesia Anesthesia Anesthesia Method
Asylum for mentally ill Psychiatric hospital Method
Autopsy Autopsy Method
Cataract surgery Cataract surgery Method
Cauterization Cauterization Cauterization Method
Fracture immobilization Bone fracture § Immobilization Method
Fracture treatment The treatment of fractures Bone fracture § Treatment Method
Hernia surgery Hernia surgery Hernia § Surgery Method
Hospital lab Medical laboratory Method
Lithotomy surgery The lithotomy surgery Lithotomy Method
Medical school Medical school Method
Physical examination The method of physical examination in diagnosing illness Physical examination Method
Professional hospital staff Surgeon and Physician Method
Specialized wards Hospital § Departments or wards Method
Tracheotomy surgery The tracheotomy surgery Tracheotomy Method
Traumatic injuries The treatment of traumatic injuries Major trauma Method
Draining The surgical method of draining Drain (surgery) Method (surgery)
Excision The surgical method of excision Excision Method (surgery)
Incision The surgical method of incision Surgical incision Method (surgery)
Ligature The surgical method of ligature Ligature (medicine) Method (surgery)
Probing The surgical method of probing Endoscopy Method (surgery)
Scraping The surgical method of scraping Debridement Method (surgery)
Suturing The surgical method of suturing Surgical suture Method (surgery)
Acute and chronic conditions The distinction between acute and chronic conditions Acute (medicine) and Chronic condition Theory
Anatomical studies Anatomical studies for medical edification Human body Theory
Blood vessels Blood vessel Theory
Classification of bodily fluids The classification of bodily fluids Body fluid or Humorism Theory
Classification of mental illnesses Mental disorder Theory
Classification of muscles Muscle Theory
Comparative anatomy Comparative anatomy Theory
Convalescence Convalescence Theory
Disease and fouled water The connection between disease and fouled water Waterborne diseases Theory
Endemic disease Endemic (epidemiology) Theory
Epidemic disease The theory of epidemic disease Epidemic Theory
Exacerbation The notion of the exacerbation of a patient's condition Exacerbation Theory
Eye anatomy The anatomy of the eye Human eye Theory
Fracture classification The classification of fractures Bone fracture § Classification Theory
Motor vs sensory nerves Motor nerve and Sensory nerve Theory
Nervous system function Nervous system Theory
Paroxysm The notion of paroxysm Paroxysmal attack Theory
Pathology The classification of disease Nosology Theory
Prognosis Determining the likely outcome given a patient's current status Prognosis Theory
Pulmonary circulation Pulmonary circulation Theory
Pulmonary medicine Pulmonary medicine Pulmonology Theory
Reaction time Mental chronometry Theory
Relapse Relapse Theory
Specialized surgical instruments The use of specialized surgical instruments Surgical instrument Theory
Surgical models The use of practice models in surgery Surgical planning Theory
The voice The source of the voice Phonation Theory
Toxicology The classification of toxic substances Toxicology Theory
Treatment of mental illnesses Treatment of mental disorders Theory
Animals as surgical models The use of animals as surgical models Vivisection Tool
Animal remedies Remedies prepared from animals Traditional Chinese medicine § Animal substances Tool
Bandages The method of bandaging wounds Bandage Tool
Dedicated hospitals Hospital Tool
Forceps Forceps Tool
Herbal remedies Herbal remedies Herbalism Tool
Mineral remedies Mineral remedies List of traditional Chinese medicines § Minerals Tool
Mud bags as surgical models The use of mud bags as surgical models Surgical planning Tool
Needles The construction and use of surgical needles Surgical suture § Needles Tool
Orthopedic cast Orthopedic cast Tool
Plants as surgical models Surgical planning Tool
Scalpel Scalpel Tool
Surgical scissors Surgical scissors Tool
Traction bench Hippocratic bench Tool

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