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This article is about the current version of DF.
You may be looking for Material definition token.

Material tokens are used to refer to various types of materials in a wide variety of places. They can take the following forms:

Token Arguments Description
INORGANIC MATERIAL_NAME Specifies a standalone inorganic material defined in the raws, generally a stone or metal. For example, INORGANIC:IRON refers to iron, and INORGANIC:CERAMIC_PORCELAIN refers to porcelain. The material name can be substituted with USE_LAVA_STONE to automatically select the local lava stone, which is normally obsidian.
STONE MATERIAL_NAME Alias for INORGANIC:MATERIAL_NAME, intended for backwards compatibility.
METAL MATERIAL_NAME Alias for INORGANIC:MATERIAL_NAME, intended for backwards compatibility.
CREATURE_MAT CREATURE_ID:MATERIAL_NAME Specifies a material associated with a specific creature. Examples: CREATURE_MAT:DWARF:SKIN refers to dwarf skin.
LOCAL_CREATURE_MAT MATERIAL_NAME Alias for CREATURE_MAT:CREATURE_ID:MATERIAL_NAME, where CREATURE_ID is the creature currently being defined; as such, it can only be used in creature definitions.
PLANT_MAT PLANT_ID:MATERIAL_NAME Specifies a material associated with a specific plant. Example: PLANT_MAT:MUSHROOM_HELMET_PLUMP:STRUCTURAL specifies a plump helmet's main material (i.e. what grows out of the ground).
LOCAL_PLANT_MAT MATERIAL_NAME Alias for PLANT_MAT:PLANT_ID:MATERIAL_NAME, where PLANT_ID is the plant currently being defined; as such, it can only be used in plant definitions.
GET_MATERIAL_FROM_REAGENT REAGENT_ID:REACTION_PRODUCT_ID Specifies a material related to a reagent's material within a reaction. REAGENT_ID must match a [REAGENT], and REACTION_PRODUCT_ID must either match a [MATERIAL_REACTION_PRODUCT] belonging to the reagent's material or be equal to "NONE" to use the reagent's material itself.
MATERIAL_NAME NONE Specifies one of the hardcoded materials listed below. Note that this goes in the token itself, not arguments (i.e GLASS_GREEN:NONE, not MATERIAL_NAME:GLASS_GREEN).
COAL CHARCOAL, COKE, or NO_MATGLOSS Specifies a material that can be used as fuel - charcoal or coke. Specifying NO_MATGLOSS (not NONE) will make it accept "refined coal" in general, which matches charcoal, coke, and generic refined coal.

Several types of items expect a creature ID and caste ID (e.g. ANT:SOLDIER) in place of the material token. This currently does not work correctlyBug:4973.

It should be noted when using the table below, that you do not place (MATERIAL_NAME:(Your material here)). For example, green glass will be (GLASS_GREEN:NONE).

# Token Information
0 INORGANIC Magma when specified with subtype NONE or NO_MATGLOSS, otherwise a user-defined inorganic material.
1 AMBER Amber
2 CORAL Coral
3 GLASS_GREEN Green glass
4 GLASS_CLEAR Clear glass
5 GLASS_CRYSTAL Crystal glass
6 WATER Water, when placed in buckets or when mining out ice.
7 COAL Coal - subtype is either COKE or CHARCOAL (or NO_MATGLOSS to match either).
8 POTASH Potash
9 ASH Ash
10 PEARLASH Pearlash
11 LYE Lye
12 MUD Mud
13 VOMIT Vomit
14 SALT Salt
15 FILTH_B Filth (brown, solid)
16 FILTH_Y Filth (yellow, liquid)
17 UNKNOWN_SUBSTANCE Unknown substance (white, liquid)
18 GRIME Grime
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