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DF2014:Skill token

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This article is about an older version of DF.

A complete list of skill tokens for skills, generally used in reactions.

# Token Skill Description Skill type
0 MINING Miner Mining Labor
1 WOODCUTTING Wood cutter Wood Cutting Labor
2 CARPENTRY Carpenter Carpentry Labor
3 ENGRAVE_STONE Engraver Engraving Labor
4 MASONRY Mason Masonry Labor
5 ANIMALTRAIN Animal trainer Animal Training Labor
6 ANIMALCARE Animal caretaker Animal Caretaking Labor
7 DISSECT_FISH Fish dissector Fish Dissection Labor
8 DISSECT_VERMIN Animal dissector Animal Dissection Labor
9 PROCESSFISH Fish cleaner Fish Cleaning Labor
10 BUTCHER Butcher Butchery Labor
11 TRAPPING Trapper Trapping Labor
12 TANNER Tanner Tanning Labor
13 WEAVING Weaver Weaving Labor
14 BREWING Brewer Brewing Labor
15 ALCHEMY Alchemist Alchemy Labor
16 CLOTHESMAKING Clothier Clothes Making Labor
17 MILLING Miller Milling Labor
18 PROCESSPLANTS Thresher Threshing Labor
19 CHEESEMAKING Cheese maker Cheese Making Labor
20 MILK Milker Milking Labor
21 COOK Cook Cooking Labor
22 PLANT Grower Growing Labor
23 HERBALISM Herbalist Herbalism Labor
24 FISH Fisherman Fishing Labor
25 SMELT Furnace operator Furnace Operation Labor
26 EXTRACT_STRAND Strand extractor Strand Extraction Labor
27 FORGE_WEAPON Weaponsmith Weaponsmithing Labor
28 FORGE_ARMOR Armorsmith Armorsmithing Labor
29 FORGE_FURNITURE Metalsmith Metalsmithing Labor
30 CUTGEM Gem cutter Gem Cutting Labor
31 ENCRUSTGEM Gem setter Gem Setting Labor
32 WOODCRAFT Wood crafter Wood Crafting Labor
33 STONECRAFT Stone crafter Stone Crafting Labor
34 METALCRAFT Metal crafter Metal Crafting Labor
35 GLASSMAKER Glassmaker Glassmaking Labor
36 LEATHERWORK Leatherworker Leatherworking Labor
37 BONECARVE Bone carver Bone Carving Labor
38 AXE Axeman Axe Combat
39 SWORD Swordsman Sword Combat
40 DAGGER Knife user Knife Combat
41 MACE Maceman Mace Combat
42 HAMMER Hammerman Hammer Combat
43 SPEAR Spearman Spear Combat
44 CROSSBOW Crossbowman Crossbow Combat
45 SHIELD Shield user Shield Combat
46 ARMOR Armor user Armor Combat
47 SIEGECRAFT Siege engineer Siege Engineering Labor
48 SIEGEOPERATE Siege operator Siege Operation Combat
49 BOWYER Bowyer Bowmaking Labor
50 PIKE Pikeman Pike Combat
51 WHIP Lasher Lash Combat
52 BOW Bowman Bow Combat
53 BLOWGUN Blowgunner Blowgun Combat
54 THROW Thrower Throwing Combat
55 MECHANICS Mechanic Machinery Labor
56 MAGIC_NATURE Druid Nature Miscellaneous
57 SNEAK Ambusher Ambush Miscellaneous
58 DESIGNBUILDING Building designer Building Design Labor
59 DRESS_WOUNDS Wound dresser Wound Dressing Labor
60 DIAGNOSE Diagnostician Diagnostics Labor
61 SURGERY Surgeon Surgery Labor
62 SET_BONE Bone doctor Bone Setting Labor
63 SUTURE Suturer Suturing Labor
64 CRUTCH_WALK Crutch-walker Crutch-walking Miscellaneous
65 WOOD_BURNING Wood burner Wood Burning Labor
66 LYE_MAKING Lye maker Lye Making Labor
67 SOAP_MAKING Soaper Soap Making Labor
68 POTASH_MAKING Potash maker Potash Making Labor
69 DYER Dyer Dyeing Labor
70 OPERATE_PUMP Pump operator Pump Operation Labor
71 SWIMMING Swimmer Swimming Miscellaneous
72 PERSUASION Persuader Persuasion Social
73 NEGOTIATION Negotiator Negotiation Social
74 JUDGING_INTENT Judge of intent Judging Intent Social
75 APPRAISAL Appraiser Appraisal Labor
76 ORGANIZATION Organizer Organization Social
77 RECORD_KEEPING Record keeper Record Keeping Labor
78 LYING Liar Lying Social
79 INTIMIDATION Intimidator Intimidation Social
80 CONVERSATION Conversationalist Conversation Social
81 COMEDY Comedian Comedy Social
82 FLATTERY Flatterer Flattery Social
83 CONSOLE Consoler Consoling Social
84 PACIFY Pacifier Pacification Social
85 TRACKING Tracker Tracking Miscellaneous
86 KNOWLEDGE_ACQUISITION Student Studying Labor
87 CONCENTRATION Concentration Concentration Social
88 DISCIPLINE Discipline Discipline Combat
89 SITUATIONAL_AWARENESS Observer Observation Combat
90 WRITING Writer Writing Knowledge
91 PROSE Wordsmith Prose Knowledge
92 POETRY Poet Poetry Performance
93 READING Reader Reading Miscellaneous
94 SPEAKING Speaker Speaking Performance
95 COORDINATION Coordination Coordination Miscellaneous
96 BALANCE Balance Balance Miscellaneous
97 LEADERSHIP Leader Leadership Miscellaneous
98 TEACHING Teacher Teaching Miscellaneous
99 MELEE_COMBAT Fighter Fighting Combat
100 RANGED_COMBAT Archer Archery Combat
101 WRESTLING Wrestler Wrestling Combat
102 BITE Biter Biting Combat
103 GRASP_STRIKE Striker Striking Combat
104 STANCE_STRIKE Kicker Kicking Combat
105 DODGING Dodger Dodging Combat
106 MISC_WEAPON Misc. object user Misc. Object Combat
107 KNAPPING Knapper Knapping Miscellaneous
108 MILITARY_TACTICS Military tactics Military Tactics Miscellaneous
109 SHEARING Shearer Shearing Labor
110 SPINNING Spinner Spinning Labor
111 POTTERY Potter Pottery Labor
112 GLAZING Glazer Glazing Labor
113 PRESSING Presser Pressing Labor
114 BEEKEEPING Beekeeper Beekeeping Labor
115 WAX_WORKING Wax worker Wax Working Labor
116 CLIMBING Climber Climbing Miscellaneous
117 GELD Gelder Gelding Labor
118 DANCEv0.42.01 Dancer Dancing Performance
119 MAKE_MUSICv0.42.01 Musician Music Making Performance
120 SINGv0.42.01 Singer Singing Performance
121 PLAY_KEYBOARD_INSTRUMENTv0.42.01 Keyboardist Keyboard Instrument Playing Performance
122 PLAY_STRINGED_INSTRUMENTv0.42.01 Stringed instrumentalist Stringed Instrument Playing Performance
123 PLAY_WIND_INSTRUMENTv0.42.01 Wind instrumentalist Wind Instrument Playing Performance
124 PLAY_PERCUSSION_INSTRUMENTv0.42.01 Percussionist Percussion Instrument Playing Performance
125 CRITICAL_THINKINGv0.42.01 Critical thinker Critical Thinking Knowledge
126 LOGICv0.42.01 Logician Logic Knowledge
127 MATHEMATICSv0.42.01 Mathematician Mathematics Knowledge
128 ASTRONOMYv0.42.01 Astronomer Astronomy Knowledge
129 CHEMISTRYv0.42.01 Chemist Chemistry Knowledge
130 GEOGRAPHYv0.42.01 Geographer Geography Knowledge
131 OPTICS_ENGINEERv0.42.01 Optics engineer Optics Engineering Knowledge
132 FLUID_ENGINEERv0.42.01 Fluid engineer Fluid Engineering Knowledge
133 PAPERMAKINGv0.42.01 Papermaker Papermaking Labor
134 BOOKBINDINGv0.42.01 Bookbinder Bookbinding Labor
135 INTRIGUEv0.47.01 Schemer Scheming Miscellaneous
136 RIDINGv0.47.01 Rider Riding Miscellaneous
Fishery worker