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This article is about an older version of DF.

Weight, or sometimes more correctly termed mass, is an item property, and is measured in the unit Γ, also sometimes known as urists, or more commonly as the kilogram, its equivalent real-life unit.

Weight is largely used by the game to determine how fast someone or something should move, due to encumbrance effects and carry weight restrictions; to calculate damage, since object mass factors into impact momentum; and to some extent to make temperature calculations, as mass factors into heat capacity. Note that, for DF, weight and mass are currently indistinguishable because as it stands DF gravity is uniform both across the whole universe and from world to world and buoyancy isn't implemented.

Weight is displayed as a quantity associated with an item. Weight calculation is not entirely straightforward, since each item category — or sometimes even individual items — have their own formula for determining weight.

[edit] Weight Calculation

The general form for calculating weight in DF is to take the material density (as found in the raws) multiplied by the item's volume.

Weight (in Γ) = Density (in kg/m3) * Volume*10 (in cm3) / 1,000,000 (cm3/m3)

An item's volume is also used to determine workshop clutter as well as how many items can fit into a container.

Item Type Volume Capacity Notes
Bars 600
Cut gems 20
Blocks 600
Rough gems 250
Mined stone 10000
Wood logs 5000
Door 3000
Floodgate 3000
Bed 3000
Chair 3000
Chain 500
Flask 100 180
Goblet 100 180
Instrument 400
Toy 100
Window 2000
Cage 3000 6000
Barrel 2000 3000
Bucket 300 600
Animal trap 300 3000
Table 3000
Coffin 3000 6000
Statue 6000
Corpse Special Based on the size of the corpse and what it's made of.
Weapon SIZE/10
Body armor  ? Based on UBSTEP, LBSTEP, COVERAGE, LAYER_SIZE, and the race that crafted it.
Shoes  ? Based on UPSTEP, COVERAGE, LAYER_SIZE, and the race that crafted it.
Shields  ? Based on UPSTEP and the race that crafted it.
Helms  ? Based on COVERAGE, LAYER_SIZE, and the race that crafted it.
Gloves  ? Based on UPSTEP, COVERAGE, LAYER_SIZE, and the race that crafted it.
Box 2000 or 100 3000 Bags have a volume of 100, boxes/chests/coffers have a volume of 2000.
Bin 1500 3000
Armor stand 1000 6000
Weapon rack 1000 6000
Cabinet 3000 6000
Figurine 100
Amulet 50
Scepter 300
Ammo SIZE/10
Crown 100
Ring 5
Earring 3
Bracelet 20
Large gem 5
Anvil 1000
Body part Special Based on the size of the body part and what it's made of.
Remains 200
Meat 200
Fish 200
Unprepared fish 200
Live vermin Special Based on creature's adult size.
Tame vermin Special Based on creature's adult size.
Seeds 10
Plant 100
Leather 500
Leaves 5
Thread ceil(Dimension/500) 20 for freshly extracted/gathered thread.
Cloth ceil(Dimension/500) 30 for freshly woven cloth
Totem 500
Pants  ? Based on LBSTEP, COVERAGE, LAYER_SIZE, and the race that crafted it
Backpack 500 3000
Quiver 300 1200
Catapult parts 2000
Ballista parts 2000
Siege ammo 3000
Ballista arrow head 1000
Mechanisms 2000
Trap component SIZE/10
Drink 200
Powder 200
Cheese 100
Prepared meal 100
Misc. liquid 60
Coin 1/16 Stacks smaller than 16 are weightless and can be placed inside any item regardless of its available capacity. Bug:6218
Glob 60
Small rock 200 As thrown by adventurers.
Pipe section 3000
Hatch cover 1000
Grate 1000
Quern 3000
Millstone 3000
Splint 200
Crutch 200
Traction bench 3000
Orthopedic cast 200
Slab 6000
Egg Special Presumably the caste's EGG_SIZE.
Book 100
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