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23a:Craftsdwarf's workshop

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Craftsdwarf's workshop


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This article is about an older version of DF.

A Craftsdwarf's workshop is a workshop for any dwarves who can make stone, wood, bone, or shell crafts. It can also be used to make a few things that aren't strictly crafts, such as shell armor and bone crossbow bolts.

Craftsworking includes several different skills:

Uses for crafts[edit]


Bone and shell, like all non-metal materials, has 50% of the standard protection of iron when used to create armor. While poor in protection value, it's still a good start for protecting a dwarven military before metalsmithing is established. Bone and shell armor is usually preferable over leather armor, as even though it has the same protection value, leather can be used for leather-exclusive goods such as backpacks and quivers, or more generally for bags or leather clothing. Making bone and shell armor can be an effective way to meet certain nobles' mandates if metal armor production is difficult.


Bone and wood bolts for crossbows (or other types of ammo for whatever ranged weapons your dwarves can use) can be made at a Craftdwarf's workshop and can be inexpensive and plentiful. Dwarves will not use metal bolts to practice - they prefer bone and wooden bolts instead.


General crafts, such as idols, scepters, mugs, etc. are useful as trade items. It is a good idea to include a Craftsdwarf with both Bone carving and Stonecrafting in your beginning party, so you can start producing ammunition and getting rid of those massive piles of stones. A few bins of well-made trade goods are usually sufficient to buy any vital supplies from the first caravan to arrive at your fortress.

The type of craft produced is random from all available types of crafts. Mandates can request specific craft types and it may take a few craft jobs before the correct item is produced.


You can create stone short swords at the craftsdwarf's workshop. The only stone that can be made into a short sword is obsidian.

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