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23a:Magma smelter

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Magma smelter


Job Requirement

Furnace operating

Materials Jobs
Materials Used
Goods Created
This article is about an older version of DF.

The magma smelter is built and functions exactly like a normal smelter, but uses magma instead of fuel* as a heat source. Magma smelters must be built with their left or right center tile hanging directly over the magma flow.

(* Note that coke or charcoal are still required in the production of pig iron and steel, as part of the reaction itself)

It is not explained how it is that magma smelters are actually capable of working without refined coal, as real-life smelting generally cannot be done using heat alone, instead using coke or charcoal as a chemical reducing agent as well as fuel.

Once adamantine is discovered, extracted strands can be formed into wafers here (but not at a normal smelter).

Due to a bug, the tiles above the magma will not be treated as impassable, so any unit which manages to walk onto the tile and stop there will get stuck and eventually begin spamming "Drink" job cancellations with the reason "Could not find path" (an affliction that famously occurred in the saga of Boatmurdered when "Sankis has suddenly decided [to] try and drink out of the lava river"). This is problematic with the children of metalsmiths who follow their mother everywhere - while adult civilian dwarves can activated and stationed elsewhere (and nobles tend to not get stuck in the first place), children cannot be ordered to move away and will instead spam job cancellations until they die of thirst or starvation. Deconstructing the workshop will instantly kill them (which may be viewed as a good thing), though your metalsmith may decide to stand on the same magma tile while deconstructing the workshop, resulting in additional fiery death.

A patch for version can be found below which fixes this problem for newly-constructed buildings:

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