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This article is about an older version of DF.
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Spirit of fire




Alignment: Evil

Building destroyer: Level 2

· Flying · Trapavoid · Genderless · No Stun · No Pain · No Exert · Fire immune · Learns · Fanciful · Humanoid

Cannot be tamed

Adult at: Birth
Max age: Immortal
Becomes after death

Ash bar

Spirits of fire are one of the possible creatures that will attack your dwarves if you discover eerie glowing pits in Fortress Mode.

These creatures are the greatest of the three lesser demons. They will burn or boil everything that they come in contact with except adamantine, and throw giant fireballs at dwarves. Spirits of fire cannot feel pain or bleed to death, and like all demons they are immune to traps. Their one weakness is that their limbs sever instead of breaking. Spirits of Fire are immune to fire, so magma traps won't save your Fortress. Drowning chambers are completely ineffective due to the spirits' innate heat boiling water away from several tiles away.Verify When they die, they leave a pile of ash behind, that can be used to make lye or potash.