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This article is about the current version of DF.
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A pedestal is a piece of furniture that can be used to display other items. Pedestals are created from wood, stone, glass, or metal at a carpenter's workshop, craftsdwarf's workshop, glass furnace, or metalsmith's forge, respectively. While they only cost 1 material to build, it requires 2 bars to be crafted at a forge. Unlike most other furniture items, a metal pedestal is made using metalcrafting, not blacksmithing. At a metalsmith's forge, it is listed under "Other Objects" and not "Furniture". Pedestals are stockpiled in furniture stockpiles under "Other Large Tools".

Pedestals are listed as Display Furniture in the built menu, with hotkey F. Once built, a pedestal can be examined with q and the display item(s) can be selected with d. The display item selection menu displays all items that can be displayed on the pedestal. Highlighting one of the items automatically shows its description and location at the bottom of the screen. Putting an item onto the pedestal is done by item haulers.

Pedestals can be used to display just about any item, but dwarves will only get happy thoughts from seeing furniture be displayed on a pedestal, whereas they will receive happy thoughts from viewing an item in a display case. The value of an item on a pedestal contributes to the wealth of a guildhall but not the quality of a room.

In adventurer mode, pedestals can be found in most generated sites, sometimes alongside display cases. It is possible to place an item on a pedestal by standing next to (or on) it and putting the item onto the pedestal. Likewise, it is possible to remove an item from a pedestal by standing on the same tile as it and grabbing it. These actions will be seen by NPCs as, respectively, placing or taking the item from the site.