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DF2014:Tool token

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This article is about an older version of DF.


Token Arguments Description
  • singular
  • plural
Name of the tool. Required.
BONE_MATv0.42.01 Permits the tool to be made from any bone.
CERAMIC_MATv0.42.01 Permits the tool to be made from any ceramic material.
DESCRIPTIONv0.42.01 Allows a string to describe the tool when viewed. The text box can accommodate up to 325 characters until it cuts off, but the spacing of actual sentences puts the realistic limit closer to 300. Multiple DEFINITION tokens can be used in the same tool definition, with each appearing on a new line.
GLASS_MATv0.42.01 Permits the tool to be made from any glass.
HARD_MAT Permits the tool to be made from anything with the [ITEMS_HARD] token, such as wood, stone or metal.
LEATHER_MATv0.42.01 Permits the tool to be made from any leather.
METAL_MAT Permits the tool to be made from anything with the [IS_METAL] token.
METAL_WEAPON_MAT Permits the tool to be made from any metal with the [ITEMS_WEAPON] token.
SHEET_MATv0.42.01 Permits the tool to be made from any "sheet" material, such as papyrus, paper, and parchment. Connected to the PAPER_SLURRY/PAPER_PLANT reaction classes?[Verify]
SHELL_MATv0.42.01 Permits the tool to be made from any shell.
SILK_MATv0.42.01 Permits the tool to be made from any silk.
SOFT_MAT Permits the tool to be made from any material with the [ITEMS_SOFT] token, such as leather or textiles.
STONE_MATv0.42.01 Permits the tool to be made from any stone. Presumably connected to the [IS_STONE] token.
THREAD_PLANT_MATv0.42.01 Permits the tool to be made from any plant fiber, such as pig tails.
WOOD_MAT Permits the tool to be made from any wood.
INCOMPLETE_ITEMv0.42.01 According to Toady, "Won't be used in world gen libraries (to differentiate scrolls from quires). Also put it on bindings, rollers, instr. pieces for completeness/future use". Used on scroll rollers, book bindings, and quires.
  • improvement type and subtype (latter only really applicable to SPECIFIC)
  • tool material flag like HARD_MAT or SILK_MAT
Items that appear in the wild come standard with this kind of improvement. Used on scrolls: [DEFAULT_IMPROVEMENT:SPECIFIC:ROLLERS:HARD_MAT]

Currently bugged, the effect is also applied to everything made in-game. This causes scrolls to have two sets of rollers, for example.

UNIMPROVABLE Prevents the tool from being improved. Used on honeycombs, (scroll rollers, book bindings, and quires.)v0.42.01
  • num
Defines the item value of the tool. Required.
  • num
Defines the tile used to represent the tool. Required.
INVERTED_TILE The background of the tile will be colored, instead of the foreground.
NO_DEFAULT_JOBv0.42.01 According to Toady, "only custom reactions are used to make this item". Found on scrolls and quires.
  • tool use, see below
Defines the task performed using the tool.
FURNITURE Allows item to be stored in a furniture stockpile.
  • shape category
Category of shapes to choose from for the tool as defined by the CATEGORY token in descriptor_shape_standard.txt or a custom descriptor definition.
USES_FACE_IMAGE_SETv0.47.01 Used on dice.
  • adjective
Adjective preceding the material name (e.g. "large copper dagger")
  • size
Volume of tool in mL or cubic centimeters. Required.
  • amount
How much the item can contain. Defaults to 0.
  • value
Required for weapons.
  • value
Required for weapons.
  • Skill token
The skill to determine effectiveness in melee with this tool. Required for weapons.
  • Skill token
  • Ammo item token
Makes this tool a ranged weapon that uses the specified ammo. The specified skill determines accuracy in ranged combat.
  • size
Creatures under this size (in cm^3) must use the tool two-handed. Required for weapons.
  • size
Minimum body size (in cm^3) to use the tool at all (multigrasp required until TWO_HANDED value) Required for weapons.
  • value
Number of bar units needed for forging, as well as the amount gained from melting. Required for weapons.
  • attacktype:BLUNT or EDGE
  • contact_area:value
  • penetration_size:value
  • verb2nd:string
  • verb3rd:string
  • noun:string
  • velocity_multiplier:value
You can have many ATTACK tags and one will be randomly selected for each attack, with EDGE attacks 100 times more common than BLUNT attacks. Required for weapons.

Valid tool uses (and the default tools used for these tasks) are as follows:

ID Token Usage
0 LIQUID_COOKING cauldron adventure mode decoration / weapon
1 LIQUID_SCOOP ladle adventure mode decoration / weapon
2 GRIND_POWDER_RECEPTACLE mortar adventure mode decoration / weapon
3 GRIND_POWDER_GRINDER pestle adventure mode decoration / weapon
4 MEAT_CARVING carving knife adventure mode decoration / weapon
5 MEAT_BONING boning knife adventure mode decoration / weapon
6 MEAT_SLICING slicing knife adventure mode decoration / weapon
7 MEAT_CLEAVING meat cleaver adventure mode decoration / weapon
8 HOLD_MEAT_FOR_CARVING carving fork adventure mode decoration / weapon
9 MEAL_CONTAINER bowl adventure mode decoration / weapon
10 LIQUID_CONTAINER jug can store honey or oil
11 FOOD_STORAGE large pot can store beer
12 HIVE hive can make honey
13 NEST_BOX nest box for your birds to lay eggs
14 SMALL_OBJECT_STORAGE pouch adventure mode coin purse
15 TRACK_CART minecart item hauling / weapon
16 HEAVY_OBJECT_HAULING wheelbarrow allows hauling items faster
17 STAND_AND_WORK_ABOVE stepladder allows gathering fruit from trees
18 ROLL_UP_SHEETv0.42.01 scroll rollersv0.42.01
19 PROTECT_FOLDED_SHEETSv0.42.01 book bindingv0.42.01
20 CONTAIN_WRITINGv0.42.01 scroll & quirev0.42.01
21 BOOKCASEv0.42.01 bookcasev0.42.01
22 DISPLAY_OBJECTv0.44.01 pedestal & display casev0.44.01 for museums
23 PLACE_OFFERINGv0.47.01 altarv0.47.01 for (eventually) offering sacrifices
24 DIVINATIONv0.47.01 dicev0.47.01
25 GAMES_OF_CHANCEv0.47.01 dicev0.47.01