Masterwork:Heavy weapons armory

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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The humans are surprisingly tenacious survivors, despite their obvious frailty. First they invented plate armor to deflect our arrows and axes, but we learned to crush them by copying their pole-hammers. Next they invented guns which inflict cruel wounds to our warriors from afar, and overran many of our villages. In their arrogance, they forgot that these guns are small, and simple, and that we can easily enough buy or learn to craft them ourselves. Today, they lay siege to our fortresses with powerful siege weapons, steam-powered engines, and massive portable cannons. They forget that we will soon enough obtain the plans to these ultimate weapons as well, and their cowardly stone citadels will no longer protect them. Also, the human cannonballs aren't even filled with magma, which suggests that they might have ignored some other very obvious upgrades too.