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☼Masterwork☼ Dwarf Fortress (MDF) is a mod package that makes Dwarf Fortress four times as big, but still keeps true to the original atmosphere of the game. It adds over 330 buildings, over 6000 reactions, over 1000 creatures and up to 35 races. It includes a selection of utilities and two playable race plugins (Orc Fortress and Kobold Camp). As of v6.0, it's also possible to play as Gnomes, Warlocks, Succubi and Humans, and the 'race' of the Hermit, in which you control a single unit through fort mode.

The Masterwork mod uses a system of generic materials. For example, leather is only called leather (as opposed to "creature-name" leather). This also applies to silk, hair, milk, meat and blood, and bones. You won't have to scroll through 50 building materials in your list, but only 10. This is one of the few features of MDF that can't be turned on and off. Generic or decreased number of types can also be enabled or disabled for trees, gems, soil, stone, wood, meat, and gem shapes. Together with some other performance improving tweaks, Masterwork DF could actually increase your frame rate by about 25% from vanilla DF.

There are a wide range of tough enemies to up the challenge level, exotic materials, new industries; even threats from within the fortress like diseases and hostile cults. Religion, guns, mages and slaves. Runes, mithril, automatons and raptors. There are libraries, garrisons and guildhalls to skill up your dwarves. In version 3f, a magic system was added. Add only the parts that appeal to you; most settings can be customized by the player with the included Settings.exe user interface. You can enable and disable parts of the mod just by pressing a button and generating a new world.

There are lots of new materials — iron, silver and steel weapons are just the beginning.