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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The blacksmoke furnace provides an orc camp with the ability to upgrade equipment, extract rare ores, remove rust, produce fire and acid arrows, and create synthetic silk from oil and acid.

Distil oil[edit]

Oil can be extracted from oil-bearing rocks (such as oil shale), or less efficiently manufactured from coke (4 bars producing one barrel of oil).

Distil acid[edit]

Three acids are available, all of which are functionally identical in the game. Vitriol is produced from brimstone, aquafortis from saltpeter, and muriatic acid from rock salt.

All acids require a vial for the distillate. Note that as of MWDF v.4c, vials used for acid are *not* reusable; they are consumed in the final reaction, such as in removing rust from steel and iron.

Fire and Acid Arrows[edit]

This require wood, iron, and either oil or acid as appropriate. These act like typical iron bodkin arrowsVerify, but arrows "stuck in the wound" trigger additional flame and acid syndromes on their target.

Upgrade cannon to sappers flamethrower[edit]

Flamethrowers operate as regular cannonsVerify, but can also douse nearby targets with pitch and set them on fire.

Create a detonator and stickbomb satchels[edit]

Stickbomb satchels can be held in place of a shieldVerify and can be used with explosive force, especially against fleeing enemiesVerify.

Remove rust from steel and iron[edit]

These very important reactions allow for low-quality rusty steel and iron to be cleansed using acid. For this reason the blacksmoke furnace is one of the better investments for any initial iron you may have, as it facilitates the cleaning of any more iron and steel you may obtain.

One vial of acid can clean three bars of iron or steel. The vial used by the acid is *not* returned.

Extract aluminium, chromium, cobalt, and titanium from ores[edit]

These reactions require both oil and flux, in addition to the appropriate ore and fuel.

Create Synthsilk[edit]

By combining oil and acid, four units of synthetic silk can be produced.