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Version history

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This page documents the complete release history of Dwarf Fortress, starting from the very first public release of See each release's page for more information.

Dwarf Fortress v50[edit]

Version Date of release Note
50.13 2024-04-23 Added portraits for most races, Bugfixes.
50.12 2024-03-06 Bugfixes, improvements to UI and UX.
50.11 2023-10-03 Bugfixes
50.10 2023-09-19 Alerts and combat reports can be viewed. Linux support. Crash logging. In game Announcement Settings.
50.09 2023-06-28 Updated to SDL2, performance optimization, experimental multithreading (field of view calculations became a separate thread).
50.08 2023-05-02 Re-introduced XML export in legends mode, аdded graphics for many plants and child/baby creatures.
50.07 2023-02-07 Hotfix
50.06 2023-02-07 Re-introduced arena mode.
50.05 2023-01-05 Bugfixes and optimizations
50.04 2022-12-22 Classic release: released the free Classic version on bay12games.com, and enabled classic mode in the Premium version. Added ability to advance time by one frame, and assign everyone to a burrow.
50.03 2022-12-12 Premium-only bugfixes. Improved UX for selecting building materials.
50.02 2022-12-08 Premium-only bugfixes
50.01 2022-12-06 Premium release: launched the paid Premium version on Steam and itch.io. Introduced graphics, full mouse support, a new user interface, tutorials, and new music and sound effects. A number of features from v0.47 were lost in 50.01 (see Missing features).

Dwarf Fortress v0.47[edit]

Version Date of release Note
0.47.05 2021-01-28 Bugfix
0.47.04 2020-02-29 Bugfix
0.47.03 2020-02-16 Bugfix
0.47.02 2020-02-06 Bugfix
0.47.01 2020-01-29 Release: introduced creation of guildhalls and temples. Introduced traitors and villains. Many new events in world generation, organizations, sites, pets and mounts in adventure mode, light aquifers.

Dwarf Fortress v0.44[edit]

Version Date of release Note
0.44.12 2018-06-23 Hotfix;
0.44.11 2018-06-23 Civilizations create nearby sites and associate them with your fortress, can request/send workers, long-term memories can lead to personality changes
0.44.10 2018-05-05 Dwarves now have short-term and long-term memories of emotional events, Adventurer mode log improved
0.44.09 2018-04-01 Hotfix;
0.44.08 2018-03-29 Bugfix;
0.44.07 2018-03-12 Hotfix;
0.44.06 2018-03-09 Raids can pillage/raze sites and demand tribute, will gain skills (e.g. military tactics) during missions
0.44.05 2018-01-14 Hotfix;
0.44.04 2018-01-10 Bugfix;
0.44.03 2017-12-25 Bugfix;
0.44.02 2017-11-23 Hotfix;
0.44.01 2017-11-22 Release; can now send raids to other sites, build museums using pedestals and display cases, artifacts created during worldgen, civilizations can send spies to gather information on artifacts

Dwarf Fortress v0.43[edit]

Version Date of release Note
0.43.05 2016-06-20 64-bit support, bugfixes
0.43.04 2016-06-20 Bugfix;
0.43.03 2016-05-22 Bugfix;
0.43.02 2016-05-11 Hotfix;
0.43.01 2016-05-09 Release; Adventurers can create sites, make stone axes, fell trees, perform carpentry, and construct buildings; Fortress mode work orders can now specify start conditions, restart frequencies, and how many workshops can be used

Dwarf Fortress v0.42[edit]

Version Date of release Note
0.42.06 2016-02-10 Can specify exact materials for jobs, make specific crafts, apply specific decorations, and even customize the details of art images; Adventurers can now do bone carving, complete with custom images
0.42.05 2016-01-17 Reputations for hunters and protection from bandits
0.42.04 2015-12-26 More varieties of animal people and giant animals, Vampire purges during worldgen, bugfixes
0.42.03 2015-12-12 Bugfix;
0.42.02 2015-12-05 Bugfix;
0.42.01 2015-12-01 Release; introduced taverns, temples, and libraries, added new musical instruments and performance skills, introduced needs to replace dwarves going On Break, added visitors who can petition for fortress membership, scholars and historians can write books and spread knowledge, and drinking alcohol actually causes inebriation (and eventually fatal alcohol poisoning)

Dwarf Fortress v0.40[edit]

Version Date of release Note
0.40.24 2015-01-07 Bugfix; Misc. bugfixes; allowing 1x1 forts
0.40.23 2014-12-24 Bugfix; Fixed farming job cancellations, armies camping forever, typos, and channeling bug
0.40.22 2014-12-21 Bugfix; Fixed multi-item jobs and toggle marker tweak
0.40.21 2014-12-19 Hotfix; Fixed a crash bug and other issues
0.40.20 2014-12-18 Job priorities rewrite; vein and cluster automining
0.40.19 2014-11-26 Gelding and related profession/skill/etc
0.40.18 2014-11-20 Hotfix; Fixed a smelting issue on Windows
0.40.17 2014-11-19 Bugfix;
0.40.16 2014-11-12 Bugfix;
0.40.15 2014-11-05 Bugfix;
0.40.14 2014-10-25 Thought/emotion rewrite, stopped site invaders from always winning
0.40.13 2014-09-17 Bugfix;
0.40.12 2014-09-10 Bugfix;
0.40.11 2014-09-03 Bugfix;
0.40.10 2014-08-24 Bugfix;
0.40.09 2014-08-17 Bugfix; Misc. bugfixes
0.40.08 2014-08-11 Hotfix; Fixed a crash bug and issues with constructions
0.40.07 2014-08-10 Bugfix; AI and invasion fixes
0.40.06 2014-08-03 Bugfix; stack bugfixes.
0.40.05 2014-07-27 Bugfix; fixed large world slowdown, decreased rampant tree growth, many old and new bugfixes.
0.40.04 2014-07-20 Bugfix; several crash fixes, made saplings grow properly.
0.40.03 2014-07-13 Bugfix; broke save game compatibility again due to more save corruption, several crash fixes.
0.40.02 2014-07-10 Bugfix; broke save game compatibility due to save corruption, several crash fixes.
0.40.01 2014-07-07 Release; Introduced world generation running in the background while fortresses and adventurers progress, un-retiring of fortresses, multiple tile trees, climbing & jumping, and more.

Dwarf Fortress v0.34[edit]

In a devlog entry for 2011-01-30, Threetoe announced plans for a series of nine numbered releases ("Short-term Goals" on the dev page) to finish off the long-planned "caravan" development arc. Release 1, improving towns and introducing markets, along with a variety of supernatural creature types, was predicted to have a version number of 0.33 or 0.34 and was released on Valentine's Day 2012 as version 0.34.01.

Version Date of release Note
0.34.11 2012-06-04 Bugfix
0.34.10 2012-05-21 Bugfix
0.34.09 2012-05-17 Bugfix
0.34.08 2012-05-14 Hauling overhaul - minecarts and wheelbarrows, more accurate projectiles, reduced mining yields, advanced stockpile/workshop links
0.34.07 2012-03-30 Bugfix
0.34.06 2012-03-23 Updates to animal training (dungeon master removed, having been nonfunctional since 0.31.01), return of good/evil trees and shrubs
0.34.05 2012-03-06 Bugfix
0.34.04 2012-02-29 Hotfix
0.34.03 2012-02-28 Bugfix
0.34.02 2012-02-18 Bugfix; broke save compatibility due to save corruption, numerous fixes for old issues
0.34.01 2012-02-14 Introduction of human cities (shops, marketplaces, sewers, dungeons) and tombs, addition of interactions (necromancers, werebeasts, vampires, etc.), historical migrants, truly evil regions, updated justice system, many "sponsorship" creatures, gem cuts, many adventure mode tweaks and minor features

Dwarf Fortress v0.31[edit]

Version Date of release Note
0.31.25 2011-03-28 Hotfix
0.31.24 2011-03-27 Hotfix
0.31.23 2011-03-26 Hotfix
0.31.22 2011-03-24 Bugfix
0.31.21 2011-03-06 Bugfix
0.31.20 2011-03-06 Hotfix
0.31.19 2011-02-16 Worldgen starvation, usually wiping out kobolds; grazing; ceramics; jugs, pots, nest boxes, beehives (and bees); site finder changes. Last major 0.31 release, and the (unnumbered) beginning of the caravan arc series.
0.31.18 2010-11-16 Hotfix
0.31.17 2010-11-11 Bandits, Night Creatures, Bogeyman, Adventure mode improvements, combat aiming, castles
0.31.16 2010-10-04 Hotfix
0.31.15 2010-10-03 Bugfix
0.31.14 2010-09-23 Hotfix
0.31.13 2010-09-15 Entity populations, sprawl, river density tweaking, TrueType font support
0.31.12 2010-07-25 Hotfix
0.31.11 2010-07-23 Bugfix
0.31.10 2010-07-11 Hotfix
0.31.09 2010-07-10 Adventure mode knapping and butchery, combat improvements
0.31.08 2010-06-19 Hotfix
0.31.07 2010-06-19 Bugfix
0.31.06 2010-06-09 Bugfix
0.31.05 2010-06-04 Bugfix
0.31.04 2010-05-16 Merge with the 40d19 branch
0.31.03 2010-04-12 Ability to create undead in arena
0.31.02 2010-04-08 Bugfix
0.31.01 2010-04-01 Overhaul of many aspects of the game: new material system, new fortress military system, healthcare and combat system was heavily expanded, thoughts have been redone, creatures now have 19 attributes, which affects skills, body features influences gameplay, underground areas have been totally redone, introduced raws, genetics, castes, burrows, poisons, underground trees, forgotten beasts, arena mode, and dozens of minor changes

3D Version (before 2010)[edit]

Branch: thru OpenGL optimizations, macros, zooming

Version Date of release Note 2008-09-06 Bugfix; Cat bug introduced 2008-08-21 Hotfix, partial print now allows specifying a frame count 2008-08-20 Partial print, windowed/fullscreen gridsizes 2008-08-18 Embark profiles added, notes extended to embark map, customizable forbid orders added (used ammunition, dead creatures' possessions, etc.), and dwarves now try to store items in partially-filled containers instead of empty ones 2008-08-09 Custom grid sizes added 2008-07-23 Hotfix 2008-07-23 Added Site finder, can display hidden map features when choosing a site, Note support implemented, and worldgen presets added 2008-07-16 Hotfix 2008-07-14 Hotfix; trees in Elven forest retreats no longer have names 2008-07-13 Lots of worldgen changes, including ethics (leading to wars and conquered sites), dynamic era naming, worldgen roads/bridges/tunnels, megabeasts being killed during worldgen, megabeasts being undead; cats and trained animals are now named on adoption, human weapon stores stock more stuff (including ammo), placing constructions now destroys engravings, and flying creatures no longer give birth in mid-air 2008-02-24 Bugfix 2008-02-23 First Macintosh-compatible release; Dwarves no longer carry their artifacts around, booze food no longer melts, worlds can now have custom sizes 2008-02-15 Magma pipes now refill, ZERO_RENT and BABY_CHILD_CAP init.txt options were added, strange moods no longer convert workshops, metal crossbows now made by weaponsmiths instead of bowyers, dwarves chat and make friends/grudges and get married, unhappy thoughts from masterpiece destruction are now reduced based on the number of masterpieces the dwarf has made, and plants can now drown in deep water 2008-02-04 Spheres added, lots of new entity tags, numerous worldgen improvements, religions implemented, undead ruins removed 2007-12-21 Mud no longer dries up during winter, occupied cages are named according to their contents, brand new "Bring to depot" interface, strange moods no longer require glass until you actually make some 2007-12-14 Bugfix; mud and blood no longer spread, auto-forbid fired ammunition, donkey/horse foals are now named properly, graphics sets can now use custom tiles for appointed nobles, and flux stones now have a value of 2 again. 2007-12-08 Bugfix; in particular, nobles no longer order themselves to be punished for failed mandates, donkeys can now breed, most types of vermin no longer have bones, and most types of fish no longer have lungs or throats 2007-11-30 Bugfix 2007-11-23 Animals screen now labels war dogs and hunting dogs correctly, sliver barbs now have seeds, and process priority can now be configured in init.txt 2007-11-16 Carp and other fish no longer gain swimming skill (making them slightly less dangerous), and various ore types now properly show up as '*' when mined. 2007-11-01 added wooden blocks, renamed aluminum ore to "native aluminum", mountain gnomes and dark gnomes no longer butcherable 2007-10-29 The very first fully 3D version

2D Version[edit]

Version Date of release Note 2007-01-18 Hotfix - Final version 2007-01-16 Hotfix 2007-01-16 Temperature support was further improved, population/FPS caps were added, coffins could now be restricted to only dwarves or only pets, and animals could now be marked for slaughter from their v-p screen. Spirits of fire also got a lot hotter. For some reason, horses are now made of iron. 2006-12-21 Hotfix 2006-12-21 More workshop orders were added - auto collect webs, auto slaughter, auto butcher, auto tan; male cows are now called bulls, and whips can no longer get stuck in opponents 2006-12-16 The ability to disable temperature and weather were added (to boost FPS) 2006-12-14 Bins could now be made from metal, and the embark screen now described your biome and listed what civilizations were nearby 2006-12-10 Improved temperature support was added 2006-11-23 The ability to use custom graphics sets was added 2006-11-17 Hotfix 2006-11-15 Hotfix 2006-11-14 [1] Dyes and dyeing were implemented, allowed sewing cloth/leather images into goods, as well as more detailed art (historical figures and events, special shapes); standing orders now allowed auto collecting webs and only using dyed cloth 2006-11-03 Bugfix; additionally, butterflies, fireflies, and dragonflies can no longer be kept as pets. Boatmurdered began in this version. 2006-10-29 Hotfix 2006-10-29 Hotfix 2006-10-29 Custom stockpiles were added (previously, there were only 16 basic stockpile types; things like potash would be stored with your metal bars and you could not force seeds to be kept near the farm). 2006-10-21 Hotfix 2006-10-21 Inventory system changes (most notably, gloves and boots were split into two items (left & right for gloves)) 2006-10-02 Various changes to adventurer mode - guards and families, plus "." as a wait key 2006-09-25 Hotfix 2006-09-25 Making potash no longer required making ashes into lye first. 2006-09-16 Workshop profiles were added, along with showing genders on the Animal status screen 2006-09-08 Designating with the mouse was added 2006-09-02 Bugfix 2006-09-02 The ability to hide engravings was added, announcement consolidation (x15), seasonal blood cleanup was temporarily added (and would remain until version 0.31) 2006-08-27 Bugfix 2006-08-27 The ability to "chasm" items was added (complete with attacks from chasm creatures as a result), as well as butchering cats 2006-08-24 Dwarves could now have custom nicknames and professions, fullscreen could be toggled, starting animals would have mixed genders, horses could breed 2006-08-21 Bugfix 2006-08-20 Bugfix 2006-08-20 Bugfix 2006-08-19 Adventurers could now have custom first names 2006-08-16 Gender symbol was added to unit views, config options for disabling sound and the intro movie, command-line world generation, ability to export local map 2006-08-14 Farm plot fertilization could be controlled directly 2006-08-13 Bugfix 2006-08-12 Bugfix 2006-08-10 Bugfix 2006-08-10 Bugfix 2006-08-08 Initial public release