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Release information/50.02

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Dwarf Fortress 50.02 was released as a Premium version only.

This is a quick release mainly to handle a widescreen crash and some menu issues there. With that stabilized, we'll be able to start properly addressing the reports and feedback we've collected for a bulkier patch next. Thanks for a wonderful launch!
Toady One, December 8, 2022
Editor's note from Kitfox: this will help MANY of the crashes ya'll are experiencing. Basically anytime it crashed in a menu, I suspect this version will fix it. There's still a few less common bugs of course, so we know we have lots of work left, but I suspect this will make it MUCH more stable for those of you who were having trouble and weren't using 1920x1080 resolutions. Thank you for your patience thus far.
Kitfox Games, December 8, 2022

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed crash from compressed menu lists (e.g. workshop assignment) on widescreen default settings
  • Changed init option for interface pixel width to be a percentage (to fix many widescreen menu issues)
  • Stopped fishing from hugely amplifying creature agitation in the wilds (zeroed general agitation level in old saves)

Graphics additions/changes[edit]

  • Improved images for planned walls, floors, and fortifications
  • Updated doors, hatches, chests, and other containers so that palettes will affect handles and other add-ons if the mods desire it, but made the default behavior consistently not palettize these add-ons
  • Missing occupied animal trap images included