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Release information/50.03

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Dwarf Fortress 50.03 was released as a Premium version only.

One more quick release to handle additional stability issues. This version also includes 72 new werebeast tiles, some changes to ambience, and a start to quality of life additions with the ability to select more materials at once when building constructions.
Toady One, December 12, 2022
Small note from Kitfox: if your save was previously corrupting and crashed, it probably cannot be revived, sorry. Many of these crashing errors caused garbage to be inserted into the save, which now is irreparable. If you can reload to an autosave, that's more likely to work. Otherwise, you'll have to start a new fort. Sorry! Thanks!
Kitfox Games, December 12, 2022

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed save corruption from manual saves with case mismatch.
  • Fixed crash when sorting pets/livestock by domestication status.
  • Fixed crash when removing burrows from a scrollable burrow list.
  • Fixed crash related to storing objects in recently deleted location zones.
  • Fixed crash on squad equipment screen when there are multiple traveling squads.
  • Fixed crash related to removing objects from display cases/pedestals.
  • Fixed crash from looking at Groups for certain consorts.

Graphics additions/changes[edit]

Audio additions/changes[edit]

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Added ability to add/remove every item of a given material when building structures that require multiple items.
  • Holding a navigation key no longer recenters the screen during string entry.
  • Now displays remove construction designation when designated instead of requiring unpause.