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v0.31:Arsenal dwarf

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This article is about an older version of DF.
Arsenal Dwarf
Room requirements  
Office Meager Office
Quarters None
Dining room None
Tomb None
Furniture requirements
Chests None
Cabinets None
Weapon racks None
Armor stands None
Mandates None
Demands None
Arrival conditions
  • 20 Population
  • License equipment to the military

Note: The Arsenal Dwarf no longer exists as of version .10 and onwards.

The Arsenal Dwarf is an administrative noble that manages the equipment changes of your military squads. The position becomes available only after your population exceeds 20 dwarves. Until this position becomes available, your dwarves will simply equip whatever you tell them to right away. Once the slot on the nobles screen opens, the military (and your hunters) will not carry out equipment changing orders until they have been approved by the Arsenal Dwarf.

They will make no demands and require only a meager office to work in.

When selecting a dwarf for the position from the noble screen, both the record keeper and organizer skills are highlighted as relevant.

Remember, your Arsenal Dwarf can't approve equipment changes if he's busy doing something else, like record keeping, so some micromanaging may be prudent if he has other responsibilities.

Notes and Bugs[edit]

  • The Arsenal Dwarf has been removed until Toady One finds a way to add more interest to the position.v0.31.12
  • This position may not appear until after you have assigned a sheriff.
  • It may seem like a good idea to have your arsenal dwarf in the military, but they won't be able to hand out equipment while on duty or training, which will fundamentally break your military.
  • Assigning equipment uses the Organizer skill and can take a very long time at low levels of the skill, resulting in dwarves wandering around with the wrong equipment for extended periods. One way to speed this up is to assign the arsenal dwarf and manager duties to the same dwarf, which will consolidate organizer skill growth from both tasks.
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