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Room requirements  
Office Decent Office
Quarters Decent Quarters
Dining room Decent Dining Room
Tomb Tomb
Furniture requirements
Chests 2
Cabinets 1
Weapon racks 1
Armor stands 1
Mandates 1
Demands 2
Arrival conditions
  • 20 population
  • 100k created wealth
  • 10k exported wealth
This article is about an older version of DF.

When your fortress meets the requirements the liaison will approach you about becoming a barony. You will then have the option to promote a dwarf of your choice to the rank of baron, which will occur some time later.

Since the baron is being promoted from within, s/he will not be an immigrant, and thus no baron consort will accompany her/him. However, if you chose to promote a married dwarf, then his/her partner will become their consort, and will be considered an unlisted noble (doesn't appear in the noble menu, but is listed as a noble in the units menu). Also, the promotion of the baron will not usher in the economy as it did in older versions.

The elected baron(ess) may still perform useful labour from his/her normal life (as a miner, for example). However, as the baron is supposed to be a lazy noble, this seems to be a unintended, broken behaviour in all 0.31.xx versions and might be be fixed in further releases.


  • Have a caravan leave when your pop is 20
  • Exported 10k wealth
  • Created 100k wealth
Appointed Nobles
Military Ranks
Elected Nobles