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This article is about an older version of DF.
Room requirements  
Office Meager Office
Quarters None
Dining room None
Tomb None
Furniture requirements
Chests None
Cabinets None
Weapon racks None
Armor stands None
Mandates None
Demands None
Arrival conditions

Appointed on the nobles screen.


The Bookkeeper is an appointed Noble who updates the stocks and created wealth screens with more accurate information. The Bookkeeper needs to work in an office to do this job. The Bookkeeper uses the Record keeper skill, which grants the profession Clerk.

The desired level of accuracy can be set in the settings menu from the nobles screen (when the Bookkeeper is highlighted). Above the lowest level of accuracy, the bookkeeper needs a meager office. He must work not only to attain an accuracy level, but also to maintain it.

A dwarf cannot update stockpile records if he loses his ability to grasp, as dwarven mathematics revolves around counting on one's fingers.