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Room requirements  
Office Throne Room
Quarters Great Bedroom
Dining room Great Dining Room
Tomb None
Furniture requirements
Chests 3
Cabinets 2
Weapon racks 2
Armor stands 2
Mandates None
Demands 3
Arrival conditions
This article is about an older version of DF.

The Diplomat is a noble position responsible for acts of diplomacy. In the current version, it is not possible to assign a dwarf to this position, nor will one ever migrate to your fortress.

Diplomats from other civilizations tend to arrive up to a week before or after their civilization's caravan once you have appointed a baron. Each diplomat will attempt to attend a meeting with your leader. They will typically follow your leader around, waiting for an opportunity to discuss your situation. Your leader will need to perform the "Conduct Meeting" job, sometimes for quite a while, to satisfy the visiting diplomat. If the diplomat goes without meeting for a long period of time (or your mayor is re-elected or is taken by a strange mood), he or she will leave and you will get a screen informing you "Diplomacy Stymied - A diplomat has left unhappy".

Elven Diplomats[edit]

"You have disrespected the trees in this area, but this is what we have come to expect from your stunted kind. Further abuse cannot be tolerated. Let this be a warning to you."

Elven diplomats currently do not exist in this version of Dwarf Fortress, though it is possible to mod them in by copying the relevant POSITION definition from the MOUNTAIN entity raws and making the appropriate changes (changing or removing the APPOINTED_BY tag).

Once your Baron has been appointed, the neighboring Elven civilization will attempt to make first contact - at the very beginning of the year, their Diplomat will appear unannounced at the edge of your map and immediately attempt to meet with your new leader. If you have cut down any trees, you will be scolded and given a stern warning (as quoted above), otherwise you will be congratulated for your kindness to the environment.

During subsequent visits, Elven diplomats will ask you to limit your tree-cutting to a specific number, generally around one hundred. If you agree to this concession, the civilization c screen will track the number of Fell Tree jobs you complete during the year, shown as (remaining allowed cuts)/(total allowed cuts). Both above-ground and subterranean trees are counted. The agreement (and the count) remain in effect until the next year's agreement is negotiated.

If you have managed to start a war with the Elves, whether due to a mishap involving their caravans or from violating a tree cutting quota, the diplomat may offer a peace treaty.

Human Diplomats[edit]

Human diplomats (which may occasionally be demons pretending to be a deity) tend to just say "It's such a pleasant place you've carved out for yourselves..." and then leave. If you are at war with them, the diplomat may offer a peace treaty.

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